Sunday, March 1, 2009

My knee is still really bothering me so I decided to go for a swim.  Pre-swim snack was a delicious bowl of 1% cottage cheese, the other 1/2 of the banana from breakfast and grapes all mixed together.  I really love this combo. If you are a new cottage cheese eater, I highly suggest adding grapes (red ones).  They are sweet and crunchy and contrast nicely with the texture of the cottage cheese.  Bananas are the same texture (so once you get used to that add them in too)  but they add a nice sweetness as well.
Don't cha just wanna eat it??

Since I knew I would be getting hungry after my swim, I made my spelt wraps in advance, this time, freezing some like Angela suggested.  Here's a pic:

Swimming was great!  I could feel my ankle/knee still bothering me so I'm glad I didn't push it and run. This was my workout:
  • Warm Up: 300m free, 100m backstroke comfortable pace
  • Kicking: 200m alternating breaststroke and free kick
  • Pull: 200m, switching each 50 between free, back and breast
  • "Main Set": 200m free 30s rest, 6 100m alternating each 100 (1st back, 2nd IM, 3rd Free, repeat) on 2m 15s, 6 50m same as the 100m on 1m 10s
  • Cool Down: 100m slow pace

I attempted to make a salmon cake for lunch to put in my wrap.  I was somewhat successful but I needed to add a binding agent, like an egg white, so it would stick.  I mixed:
  • canned salmon- 1/2c to make 2servings (saving one for tomorrow)
  • onions, red peppers and carrots lightly sauteed
  • paprika, deli mustard (squirt), plain fat free yogurt (a dollop)
  • pepper, no salt because the canned salmon was salty already
I then put it in a grill pan in an attempt to make it stick (which it didn't) but it was warm and delish!  I then stuffed it in a wrap with some hummus, spinach and tomato with a side of carrots and hummus.  HELLO LUNCH!

Close up of my attempt:

Nuts for Nuts!!

Food Find:

I heart nuts.  I like nut mixes, plain nuts, nut butters, dried nuts, sweet treats.  My dad always sends me nut baskets from NUTSONLINE.  This is a great website and I highly suggest it (they ship to Canada too). Why you may ask?
  1. Nutsonline delivers quickly! I am impatient so I want it fast.
  2. Everything is fresh.  You can smell the quality as soon as you open your package.
  3. You can mix and match.  Chocolate covered pretzels and pistachios? Yes please.
  4. Makes a great gift.
  5. Their health information is online.  I don't mean just calories and fat.  They tell you the vitamins in their products!  How great is that?!
Leftovers from my delicious basket.  Please note how he chocolate covered pretzels are nowhere to be found.


  1. You are so cute Meg! I would have scarfed the chocolate pretzels first too...

  2. wow!!! i found your blog to be very interesting and informative. How did you get so very interested in nutrition and fitness?????

  3. I'm so glad you're blogging! I'm right there with Moira, chocolate-covered anything is always the first to go. What half marathon did you do?

  4. Awesome to see someone else blogging their swimming workouts...I'm always looking to switch things up, I may try out yours at my next pool session. I always neglect the pulling...sooo much more challenging to me than kicking.

  5. Your Salmon "concoction" looked GREAT!! While it is true that it is not a traditional salmon "cake" rather than change the recipe i would change the name. What do you think???