Thursday, March 12, 2009

Feeling Shredded

So, Shreds is hardcore.  I am a fit person and honestly, it is still hard!  I don't even want to see level 3.  As Sarah said, those fly squats are SO DIFFICULT!  I can barely keep up.  But I think i'll be shredded soon enough...Natalie aint got nothin' on me! 

Oh leftovers.  I had the rest of my tasty salad (those sugar pecans are honestly so delicious) and my left over singoporian dinner...just as good the second day (on my cute target plate)

Perhaps some pineapple while watching Castle from last night.  Anybody watch it?  

I am trying to be more balanced in my eating, heeding Bethenny's advice.  So, since I had some sweets with the pecans and the few bites of pudding, I will have pineapple for dessert.

She also has this whole idea of you eat a protein centered meal in the morning, then eat a carb centered meal in the afternoon, ect.  I don't know how I feel about this since we often need carbs when working out so much.  We shall see...

Going home tomorrow morning.  We cancelled the after school program since they had a school dance.  So therefore I am leaving around 9am, making the 2.5hr drive to go home for the weekend.  YAY!


  1. Safe driving for your trip home :) I am so scared for Level 3 of the shred...I've probably done Level 2 10 times or so and I'm still not ready!!

  2. Oops, meant to say I hope you have a safe drive home...Friday traffic is scary!

  3. was that salad from BJ's??? Looks great. Was it already prepared or did you assemble it?? What kind of dressing??

    Bolthouse brand dressing is a yogurt based dressing very low in fat that i think is great. Has anyone out there ever tried it??

  4. I love Bolthouse. It is really good!!

    This was pre-made from BJs. It was very good with a light vinaigrette on it. Next time, I would probably ask for the dressing on the side and put it on myself, just because it was a touch soggy last night (and the salad was huge, half fro lunch, half for dinner)