Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Really Target?

First...I am having trouble responding and commenting on posts!  For some reason, I can't see the special code you have to put in to comment.  SOOO, if I don't respond, that is why!  And I can't comment on other people's blogs either, :(

So I read on the Chic Runner's Blog that she had a little run in with target.  Well, I just joined the club.

So, I wanted Shred.  I had done shred at my friends Jenn and Shae's house and it was hard.  So, I rang up Tar-jay, and asked if they had it.  After a few minutes on hold, they said, "Oh, no we don't.  Sorry!".  Bummer.  Whatever, I am a resourceful girl, so I called up Best Buy.  After 4min on hold...I got my very own shred!!!  So, I first had to stop at Tar-jay to get the weights for shreds.  Well, well...what do I see.  about 19 copies of shreds sitting right next to the weights.  COOL TAR-JAY!  Like really?  Your job is to know what you have in stock.  Really?  Like what if your doctor was like "oh, no don't worry you don't have a broken bone..." do your job Target.  On top of it all, Tar-jay sucks you in.  So, I didn't simply leave with my dvd and weight..oh no..I had to buy some cute place mats, some dish cloths, a new shower curtain and plates and bowls?  Why? Why does Tar-jay do this to us?
Anyway, I did shred...and it was worth all the trouble.  I was sweating, breathing hard, read..love it.  Level 2 rocks.

So I did hatha yoga and shred today :)

Happy to report that the apple really held me over last night and the cool crispness made me feel "light" ? if that's possible.  Going to have one again tonight :) instead of sweets just to see if I feel more fit after a few days of limited sweets.

Re-do!  Loved that jambalaya!!  had to have it again :) with broccoli and my dessert apple on the side.  Maybe some dates if I feel super snacky during the Real Housewives of NY.  Yes, I watch it.  Yes, it's ridiculous.   But honestly, how great is Bethany?  She's fit, is an all natural chef and to the point.  The girl is blunt.  You love her or hate her.   Anyone else feel like they need some bluntness in their life??


  1. Who are those pictures of??? I cannot expand them and it is hard to see??

    Your Jambalaya sounded great!! Which Creole seasoning did you use??Traditional Jambalaya has Andouille sausage, have you thoight about trying your bison sausage instead???

  2. 30 Day Shred. It's a workout dvd. It is intense!!!
    I thought about bison, but it takes a while to defrost and I forgot to take it out! The jambalaya was a last min decision because i already had the ingredients from a while ago.