Saturday, March 7, 2009


Happy Weekend!

This week is spring break and since I live in a college town...NO ONE is here.  no one. I'm not gunna lie, it's kind of nice.  I get my spring break April 4th since I am on the public school calender.  Needless to say, we went out last night. One of our friends is doing Miss Gainesville tomorrow, so myself and our three other friends went out since we were the only people left in Gainesville.  Let me tell you, it was an interesting night.

Shae, Caitlin, Me, Jenn (note the emptiness)

  1. We probably said "No You Cannot" (in the Jillian Michaels Shred Voice) 100 times.
  2. It was dead.  Therefore, we could actually move around. weird.
  3. A cop came up to my group asking for our IDs.  When asked who made him think we weren't 21, he pointed to me (We are all 22 or 23).
  4. I ended up knowing the cop. We went to the same high school (with less than 500 people in it), when he was a senior, I was a freshman.
  5. I convinced my friends Jenn and Shae to do the super sprint triathalon.  Great fun.
Overall, Successful night.

My plans for Clearwater are a bust!  The tickets fell through to the Phillies training game and Coral Springs is a ridiculous drive from where I live.  I am depressed to say the least.  On a lighter note, all you triathaloners will appreciate this:

Meg: Yeah, so I need to practice transitioning between the different events
Steph: Why?
Meg: You know, like to see what it feels like to get on a bike after swimming and stuff...
Steph: Oh so you have to practice riding a bike wet.  Just jump in the shower first... (lots of laughing and making fun of me)
Meg: I hate you.

Dinner Last Night: Chicken fried Rice
  • 3/4c brown rice
  • 2oz chicken
  • mushrooms
  • red pepper
  • onion
  • zucchini
  • one scrambled egg
  • chili thai sauce (about 1tbsp)
  • soy sauce (about 1 tbsp)
I really like the thai chili sauce with it.  It added nice flavor, a little sweetness and some heat.  I couldn't even taste the egg, next time I would leave it out.  Unnecessary calories.
I had some Pacific Roasted Carrot soup, reallly good.  It was nice and sweet...but not overwhelmingly sweet.  Still had a savory side.

Dessert:  Cookies :) and a few drinks out.


  1. Who is doing Miss Gainesville??

    Which restaurant did you go to??

    Who was the Officer??

    How do you go about training for a triathalon??

  2. Looks like you had a fun night! People always think I am so young (even still in high school)...annoying now, may be nice later on in life!

  3. Moira is doing Miss Gainesville. We didn't go to a restaurant, I made that lovely creation myself :)

    Brian Carroll. Never knew him. Random though right?

    Not too worried about the triathalon. it is a mini. so 250meter swim, 4mile bike, 1.5mile run. I need tro just practice going between the events. So, One day I will swim and then bike, then swim run. then all together. I can easily do those events so just practicing transitioning and just working out my speed is my plan. nothing too special seeing as it is a super sprint.

    great questions!

  4. when Officer Carrol came up to you, and you were sitting with your friends and the beers, what was the establishment????

  5. how did u figure out he went to PV???

  6. ha, meghan. I am just catching up on reading your blog after midterms and spring break - and this post is CRACKING me up! your recap is perfect, and then the quote about transitioning, i just died i know we only have like 10 days, but i need to train!!! esp swimming. HELP!