Tuesday, March 3, 2009

For Oats Sake!

Happy lunch hour everyone!

I went to the gym to let my ankle rest a few more days heeding Caitlin's advice!.  I really just don't care for the gym, unless I go there for a class or to lift weights.  Nevertheless, I jumped on the sit back bike ( 15min)  and the elliptical (25min), did some light weights and some abs and stretching.

My oats kept me full for so long that I only had half of a Larabar (pecan pie flavor) before my workout. I ate the other half after lunch, before my snack, since I was a bit hungry.  It was pretty good, I still like the chocolate coconut and cashew cookie better.

I just looveee the quinoa salad I made!  It is soo good and versatile.  Today, I had about 3/4c with my left over Bison filet and a baby smoothie.

  • 1/2c skim milk
  • handful of blueberries
  • 1/2 banana (left over from my oats)
  • 2 ice cubes
  • 1tsp flax seed
  • 1/2 scoop of vanilla protein powder
Blend Blend Blend.  It was tasty although I find with banana, it really overpowers the other fruit. I like banana, but I want to try and taste the other fruit too.  I think I will try a peach based smoothie next, maybe peaches and cream?

On the Run Tip:
Never know how much is "enough"?  Follow these simple tips:
*again these are just the recommended serving sizes, not necessarily what I eat.
  • Protein such as meat, poultry: the size of an old school ipod (watch for thickness!)
  • Peanut butter (my fave): the size of a golf ball
  • Cheese: the size of a matchbook (I know I know, too small!!!)
  • Baked Potato: size of a computer mouse
  • Pasta/Rice: the size of a tennis ball

I would highly suggest washing your Old Navy water bottle if you buy one in the dishwasher.  Mine tasted like aluminum (even after hand washing it) and the taste went away after I washed it in the dishwasher.  It doesn't recommend washing the bottle (not sure why, maybe to keep the colors on the bottle intact) but I just couldn't drink out of it without washing it in the dishwasher. 

I am mad at my crock pot and my oats.  They failed me this morning.  I tried to make a crock pot porridge.  Pretty much its brown rice, oatmeal, fruit, nuts, spices and milk, put it in the crock pot and you have on the go breakfast in the AM.  I think I left it in too long ( I set it at 10pm and got up at 8am...a LITTLEEEE too long), it burned. NOT APPETIZING.

So, I opted for regular oatmeal instead.  I think oatmeal, oatmeal pancakes and cereal with berries are the best breakfast fillers for me personally.

My oats had
  • dates
  • cinnamon
  • vanilla
  • raisins
  • banana (best part)
  • walnuts
  • drizzle of honey, scoop of all natural PB
So warm and cozy. Then I watched The Hills from last night.


So, honestly, not a huge fan of Jason The Bachelor.  Never was. I found him kind of weak (sorry!). DEF NOT a fan after this little episode.  I hate how Jason tries to act so "nice".  Like, oh, I have to let Melissa be angry for a while.  Oh, ok, thanks Jason you are so mature. Thanks for being such a mature individual.  I got the heads up on the switcharoo thanks to US Weekly.  Apparently, this was a plot cooked up by the producers and that Jason wanted to be with Molly the entire time but chose Melissa so they could do the swap to boost ratings.  Jason: What would Ty say?!?!?!

And Olivia on The City?. No words for her.  Are these people real? I mean probably not since its the City but still!!!!

Off to work for a bit and the gym

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  1. Oliva on the city. GIANT B! I couldn't believe it! Glad you agree. and I never liked jason either. he's weak and LAME and BORING.