Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Paris, je t'aime

Hi everyone! So, I am restarting my blog! I am living in Paris for the year doing the first part of my masters program...so...I thought this would be a great way to share a little bit of Paris with everyone.

I'm not just going to focus on food but living here as well!! I already have some funny stories lol

To start off with, eating has been really easy here! It's just like New York, you can get anything, anywhere at anytime. The only thing I have noticed is that I haven't had too many veggies, a lot of fruit but I have to increase the veggies.

Funny story 1: I got a Falafel in St.Michel the other day, which is super touristy and right by my apartment. Anyway, I THOUGHT the lady asked me if I wanted carrots. Apparently, when I proceeded to say "oui" and she stared at me for 5 min, she said "quatre quarante" which means 4,40 euros. HA. oops.

Funny story but not so funny at the same time: I went a runnin' in the Jardin de Luxembourg, which is also about 2 min from the apt. I was feeling pretty great so I tried to hop over a 100lb chain, only, it caught my shin, I fell, was bleeding and hobbled home. This is prolly why french people don't run.

But really, you don't need to run here. I have walked more in the past week than ever in my life.

Good Eats:
1. Crepe Nutella..always delicious
2. Grilled Salmon
3. Delicious salads with their standard yet amazing dressing

I also went grocery shopping which is an experience. First, their eggs aren't refrigerated..um weird but whatever. Also, they literally sell like 3 salad dressings. I swear every person in france uses the same dressing. Which I love, but still. Ain't no ranch to be found lol. I'm scared of their milk. Just puttin' it out there.

More updates to come, you know you love me
Paris Girl

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Food Blues

Hi friends! Lately, I have been so uninspired about food! I absolutely love food and everything lately hasn't really satisfied me. As a result, I have been eating granola cereal, cookies and chocolate ALL WEEK! I'm so sick of being uninspired. I am going home this weekend so hopefully I'll get re-inspired there!

Here are some great food highlights:

I made a feta chicken and shrimp over couscous in the slow cooker. This was extremely easy, you set it and go. The main ingredients were tomatoes, broth, chicken, garlic, onions, shrimp, feta and couscous. Slow cookers are great for people with little time. You can make dessert, dinner, breakfast, appetizers...

Next, I made peanut chicken soba noodles. The sauce was so-so. Basically, it was peanut butter, skim milk, garlic, ginger and red pepper flakes.

Bison Bugers! These were the best things I made all week. Delicious bison burger with cheese, onion, pickles, spinach and a sweet potato. YUMM

Banana Fro-yo. Saw this in the blog world, had to try it!! Very good. I love ice cream so it isn't quite the same, but a nice alternative. I threw some chocolate chips on it. YUMMM.

I've been OBSESSED with Cascadian Farms Chocolate Almond Granola. I had one serving with bfast, and TWO for a snack after dinner (oopssss). I absolutely love it. Pretty good stats as well. For 3/4c it is 200 cals, which is great for granola. And I have been LOVING Stonyfield Organic Skim Milk. I think organic milk can have a strange taste but Stonyfield (I also love their Oikos yogurt in vanilla) is superb!

I've also noticed that I have been eating a ridiculous amount of meat products. What's up with that?!? Need to focus this up coming week!!

Hopefully I'll get out of this eating funk. I am soo sick of not being satisfied!! I have eaten so much more than normal lately due to this! Madness!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cat woman

Hi blog world! Today was an interesting day! There was pretty much a hurricane and then the weather was beautiful. So strange.

I started off the morning with a slice of ezekial raisin toast and a little earth balance. I then ran. It was way too hot, however, I love being sweaty so I didn't mind. I took it nice and slow.

Distance: 4 sweaty miles

I then rehydrated with Gatorade. Usually, I drink coconut water, however I only had the plain kind left and I really hate it. I LOVE the passion fruit and mango, but can't stomach the plain. So I opted for electric blue gatorade. So healthy. I only drink electrolyte replacement drinks when I'm super sweaty or if I am sweating out salt. Usually water is fine for me during things like spinning or a short run.

In addition, I made the best juice ever!
  • 1.5 large carrots
  • 1 medium kiwi
  • 1 small apple
  • 3 handful of spinach

Lunch was a spinach salad with tomato, avocado and roasted turkey. And since I was frigid, I added 1/2c of Pacific Tomato Roasted Red Pepper soup, which happens to be my favorite :)

Snack was a banana and fresh ground almond butter...dreamy...

Dinner! My sister made my stuffed peppers ( she was practicing for when I move out lol). SO delicious! This time we added Fire Roasted Tomatos to the mix. Plus a side of corn.

I have noticed that I have been eating more animal protein lately. It hasn't been a conscious decision, however, I have been craving turkey for lunch almost everyday! Wonder why?

Dessert was 1/2c of Breyer's 1/2 the fat ALL NATURAL creamy Chocolate Chocolate Chip...YUMMMM. I love Breyer's all nautral as much as I love Stoneyfield Yogurt! Great ingredient list and even better taste.

Kitty was eating the flowers my parents sent my sister for her birthday..such a silly cat...even if I end up being a cat lady, I don't mind because my kitty is precious.

I was on the WW message boards and I saw a post about what you would like to say to certain people. Ever since Operation Beautiful, I have been making a real effort to end fat talk. It's nothing but harmful and often, untrue. I think sometimes we like to say, "Oh, I am so fat" or "I need to diet" because we want others to tell us that isn't true. I'm so sick of saying, "Im so fat" or "I need to loose weight" as well as hearing it. I don't think I am fat. In fact, I know I'm not, so I need to stop saying it. It's almost as though saying it it normal. I am making a vow now to end fat talk! And if someone really does think they need to loose weight, then do it! But don't just say it to say it. It brings people down!! Be confident in yourself. Workout to feel great and eat healthfully to feel great and you will!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hii everyone! Sorry I was missing, it was my sister's birthday so we were celebrating. Highlights include a Harry Potter cake from Publix (yummmm) and delicious sushi.

Yesterday we had another dinner party and it was just as delicious as the first! I made pesto chicken sandwiches. For all you vegans/vegetarians, this recipe is SUPER SIMPLE and you could easily re-create it with tofu, temphe, any grilled vegetable ect.

  • whole wheat bread of anytime (or lettuce wrap/pita/wrap)
  • homemade pesto (1 tsp olive oil, 1c basil, 1/4c vegetable broth, garlic, parmesan if you wish)
  • chicken breast
  • roasted red pepper
  • spinach
  • any other additives, I added Mozzarella cheese for only 80 cals and 6g of fat
  • press it until its gooey
Plus fresh organic corn on the cob, which is incredible right now.

Jenn made a peanut butter pie (which was like a thick peanut butter cheese cake). TO.DIE.FOR.
and pretty reasonable, one slice was 10 weight watcher points. The basic ingredients were:
  • fat free and reduced fat creamed cheese
  • reduced fat peanut butter
  • graham crackers
  • condensed milk
  • dark chocolate chips
  • real butter (no fake scary stuff)
  • brown sugar and regular sugar

I highly suggest people try and play around with this stuff and make it. I try not to eat "fake" things, like fake cream cheese, but every once in a while, I think it's fine. Also, note how there is NO SPLENDA or other weird sweetners, just natural things.

For dinner tonight, I used some homemade pasta that my parents bought at the farmer's market. It was garlic/basil flavored and I paired it with a homemade sage butter sauce with some grilled shrimp and steamed broccoli. Holy Yum. The sage added a nice subtle flavor to the already seasoned pasta. This stuff was AMAZING. Best pasta I have had yet.

I also made a vegan friendly pizza the other day! We bought a whole wheat crust from the farmer's market and topped it with delicious red sauce plus roasted veggies (broccoli, red pepper, onions, zucchini). Simple and delicious.

For the first time ever today, I got a shaken green iced tea from Starbizzle...so. good! Usually I get it unsweet, however, I was feeling sassy today and got the simple syrup (which only makes the whole thing 80 cals. not bad AT ALL. so don't freak out girls). It was such a nice refreshing summer drink! Plus anti-oxidants from the tea.

Sorry for the lack of pics..I promise i'll be better about taking them this week!!

On an off topic note, I am soo sad for Reid. I love him and will be his wife. The end.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


So, I have been doing a ton of yoga lately. I think it is helping me stay strong because I finally feel like I'm not struggling to run everytime I head out the door. I LOVE Polly's online videos. Especially: Yoga for runners, Hip Opener 1, Yoga for Arms and Yoga for Abs. YUM. They are more like streatches then yoga flow but I still love them.

Speaking of running, I fell yesterday. Like fell down. On the ground. Scrapped knee and all. But I was only 1.15 miles into my 4 mile run SOOO I washed off my knee with my water bottle and kept running. I'm so hardcore.

I did spinning today. Pretty good. Nice and sweaty. I wish my instructor would play better music though..Uptown Girls just wasn't cutting it today. But I was a sweaty monster so I guess it was ALL GOOD.

  • Juice (carrots, apple, romaine, lemon)
  • egg whites (3)
  • turkey sand on ezekial with spinach, avocado, tomato, with watermelon
  • 1/2 Gogi Bar...SOOOOO GOOODDD!!! Loved this bar by Dr. Weil
  • 8 oz G2 during spin (not good. reg gatorade is much better, or coco water passion fruit or mango)
  • homemade roasted veggie lasagna with fresh multigrain bread
  • Stoneyfield After Dark ice cream
See, these are the days I love. When I'm totally satisfied with every single thing I eat.

Here are some delicious pics:

Kitty loves yoga. Modified cobra pose heheh

Whole wheat lasagna noodles, cheese, sauce, roasted veggies, seasoning ( you could add ricotta and ground turkey too or a cream sauce..whateves you like so easy)

What is this?! Dinner from last night. I saw it in Runner's World. Basically it's dijonnaise, lump crab, avocado, apple, tomato and green beans. Over spinach. Hello deliciousness. I have done it with both canned crab (not bumbleebee but any other brand) and with crab from the seafood section of the grocery store. Either work well.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Green Lemonade

After my morning run (which was about 90000 degrees), I made Natalie Rose's Green lemonade. WOW! So. Good. Really tangy, but not sour. I heart my juicer :)

Here it is..so green and beautiful...

I wasn't going to document lunch because it didn't seem terribly exciting..until i started eating eat. AMAZING. I got Honey Roasted Turkey from Fresh Market. I don't eat a lot of deli meat, however, this was quite delicious. Sorry for the half eaten pic. I just had to document.
  • 2 slices of ezekial bread
  • 1/2 small avocado (about 1.5 oz)
  • spinach
  • tomato
  • 2 slice of honey roasted turkey
  • guiltless gourmet blue corn chips with salsa (needed some crunch and salt)

I had a massage today at Cloud 9. I really love Cloud 9 because they go out of their way to make you feel like you are having a luscious treatment. I especially like their facials. I was so relaxed and my masseuse really worked on my shoulders and neck, which get un-godly tight.

So, I guess I'm obsessed with Natalie Rose because I also made her Carrot and Sweet Potato Soup. While she is a raw foodie, she includes cooked meals in her cook book as good transitions into raw eating. I give this soup an A+++++++++. It was sweet but not dessert like and had a wonderful sweet potato flavor with a nice hint of carrot. While I can't give you the entire recipe, here are the ingredients:
  • carrots
  • sweet potato
  • vegetable broth
  • cumin
  • garlic
  • ginger
With that I made crab cakes. So tasty.

My lulumon leggings came today!!! I did some impromptu yoga to test them out (in love with them). Can't wait to wear them to spinning on Thurs!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Dinner Party

I. am. stuffed!! What an amazing dinner party!

We had such a delicious dinner (and dessert), plus there was a Bachelorette surprise...Reid! I highly doubt she picks him, but I absolutely adore him/have the biggest crush on him/screamed like a crazy person when I saw his darling face and I am happy to see him man up and share his feelings!!!!

Today was a rather strange eating day because I woke up with intense upper stomach pains...sorta of like stabbing pains!?!?! WHY?!?! So I had some nice oatmeal with a banana and then went back to sleep.

I did some gentle hatha yoga and some core work and felt much better.

Then I feasted on these beauties:

  • Whole wheat pasta with fresh pesto, tomatoes, asparagus
  • Roasted veggies with thyme, salt and pepper
  • Kelli's famous (and deadly) Key Lime Pie.
  • Organic soft red wine (aka Grape Juice)

The pie was def the scene stealer. It had the perfect amount of sweetness and saltiness to the crust (her secret is using macadamia nuts and graham crackers). It was amazing..I had 3 pieces :) Needless to say i'll be working out big time all this week...

We watched Jillian and the sexy men (ie. Jesse, Kiptyn, REIDDDDD) and then watched the new show about dating in the dark. We all agreed it was too mean of a show to keep watching. These people have real connections in the dark and then they see each other in the light and the reaction is sad :(

Sunday, July 19, 2009


So I played with the new juicer and made the best juice ever!! Sorry the color isn't that great. It made about 12oz of juice which my sister and I split, but I was definitely craving more!!
  • 2 apples
  • 4 carrots
  • 4 handfuls of spinach
  • 1 orange
  • 1/2 lemon
  • The lemon and orange added a nice tang..so amazing.
I plan on trying Natalie Rose's Raw Lemonade Later this week...

For dinner we had a wild salmon salad (serves 2):
  • 8 oz wild salmon (raw, salt and pepper, olive oil, in the oven for 15min 425)
  • 2/3 cup corn (fresh corn on the cob would be better, we used frozen)
  • red bell pepper
  • 2 oz avocado
  • red onion
  • 1 oz herbed goat cheese
This is one salad..quite a beast right?

Workout: 12pm run in Florida..what was I thinking you may ask? who knows.

Miles: 4.6

Time: 47 min (um yeah...just kinda trudged along but I didn't even care. I felt good and focused even though I was seriously going so slowly..for me atleast). Drank about 12 oz of water on my run

Pre Run Fuel: Ezekial Bread with 1tbsp all natural PB

Post Run: 4 oz soy chocolate milk (MUAHAHAHAH love this stuff) and a couple sips of passion fruit cocowater.

Tomorrow, we are holding a little dinner party! Should be quite fun..we are going to veg out with organic wine and the Bachelorette (Team Reid..oh wait she dumped him..wtf Jillian..Team Kiypton I suppose..). My sister and I are making the pesto pasta from Fat Free Vegan's site and bringing the organic wine. My friend Jen is making roasted veggies and Kelli is making homemade key lime pie (I am dreaming about this..I can taste it now...)

I finally finished Harry Potter and let me just tell you, I was a mess! I get so emotionally involved in books, that I come to see these as real people (ie Snape...I couldn't stop crying..I'm so strange). I think this is why I enjoy reading so much. It takes me into another world that the TV just can't do. Here are some of my favorite books, ever:

  • The Time Traveler's Wife
  • The Kite Runner
  • A Thousand Splendid Suns
  • Harry Potter
  • My Sister's Keeper, Handle with Care
  • Good in Bed
  • The Red Tent
If it doesn't make me cry (in a good or even sad way) I don't like it. lol. Happy Reading everyone.

Breville Juicer

I got one! I am soo pumped! Now I can make fresh juice every morning. I am actually going to make one tonight with dinner because I am dying to use it lol..I plan on making a:

  • apple
  • carrot
  • spinach
  • lemon

Stay tuned for pics!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Birthday Fun!

My 23rd birthday was yesterday and I want to thank ALL my friends for their calls, texts and those of you who were in town, for coming to dinner!

I got some great bday presents:
  • scented lotions, lip gloss, eye shadow kit
  • DVF Rain Coat (in love...xoxo steph)
  • a cookbook holder (obsessed so I can read recipes WHILE I cook)
  • Skinny Bitch in the Kitch
  • Vegetarian Living in Paris Book..so useful for France

I had a lovely day all around and some delicious eats.

For lunch, I went to Bistro 1245 which has an awesome menu.  I got the sauteed shrimp salad which had pear, goat cheese and a light balsamic vinaigrette.  It was light and delicious.

For dinner, We went to Tapas and Tinis ( I'm sure you can deduce the menu from the name haha).  We started with a lovely Mozzarella Caprese Salad and Smoke Gouda fondue for the table.  I wanted to really enjoy my meal, so I had one piece of the mozzarella and two slices of tomato and one little square of bread dipped into the fondue.  Hello YUM.  Amazing fondue!

For dinner, I split the petite filet mignon with julienned veggies and the ahi tuna with my sister.  I don't eat much red meat, maybe once every few months, but this steak was to die for.  Well cooked and seasoned and the perfect portion (we split a 6 oz).

I sampled everyone's martinins (I had  a glass of red wine)..my favorite was the oatmeal raisin martini!

Here are some fun pics from the night:

Me trying the Oatmeal Raisin Martini...hello yum

and DESSERT!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE Publix cake and cupcakes so I got cupcakes! Vanilla on vanilla for me :)  It was a lovely birthday.

I started off today clean and fresh with a juice from Genesis, a new juice bar (and cafe) in town.  I got:
  • carrot
  • apple
  • spinach
  • lime
love the lime.  adds a nice sour hint.

Then for lunch, I made these little wrap that have been inspired by all the raw foodies out there!

  • romaine lettuce
  • onions
  • tomato
  • avocado
  • carrots
  • red pepper
  • hummus (not raw but thats ok :)

Plus a side of very special macaroni salad that I adore.  I actually only ended up eating 1/4 cup the mac salad.  I realized that I just wanted a taste about half way through,  so, I toasted up some ezekial and 1/2tbsp almond butter to go with my lettuce wraps.

Apple for a snack while doing Shreds AND Self Magazine's 8min workout (which is very similar to the Shred moves)

And shrimp scampi over whole wheat linguini for dinner!

Check out The Fitnessista's  page!  She is giving away an AWESOME RAW cookbook that I am dying to win!!  She has a great blog as is and I read it daily!! Enter to win the cookbook yay!

Tomorrow I am meeting my parent's in Tampa to go to Lime, a Mexican restaurant in South Tampa..can't wait! :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Gourmet Sandwhiches

Good evening blog world!  Today was a busy and productive day :)

I went to the gym this morning for my 3mile run.  I actually hate running on a treadmill, however, unless you get up at 5am in Florida (which I AM NOT willing to do..) it is wayy too hott out there to run.  So, the gym it is.  I wanted to work a bit on speed and endurance all in one so I did this little workout:

Warm up-
2 min walking

1/2 mile  5.7 speed  incline .5
1/2 mile   6.0 speed incline .5
1/2 mile   6.3 speed incline 1.0
1/4 mile   6.5 speed  incline 1.0
1/1o mile  7.0 speed  incline 1.0
.15 miles    6.5 speed  incline 1.0
1/2 mile    6.0 speed incline 1.0
1/4mile     6.0 speed  incline .5
1/4 mile   5.7 speed  incline 0

Then I walked another .2 miles after just to cool down. It was pretty good, with the walking and everything I did 3.25 miles in 34:00 min so not too shabby.  

Lunch was -ok- but the highlight was my Back to Nature Chocolate Delight Granola.  Granted, I only put 2 tablespoons on the yogurt..but it was SO worth it.  It is all natural and delicious..crunchy and chocolaty.

I love sandwiches.  Any of my friends will tell you about my obsession with sandwiches- I love wraps, subs, paninis, ect.  So tonight, I made my own gourmet sandwich for a fraction of the cals.

  • Arnold Sand Thins (all I had I know it's not the best choice but whatever)
  • homemade pesto
  • roasted red pepper
  • spinach
  • chicken breast
  • 1/2 slice all natural gouda
  • press together on the forman.
It was amazing.  I really liked the homemade pesto.  Here's how I made it

Serves 2:
  • 1/2c basil packed firmly
  • 2 tbsp chicken broth
  • 1/2 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tbsp fresh parm
  • garlic
  • process.


So creamy with a strong basil flavor.  I actually got this pesto sandwich idea from my mom, who saw it in Cooking Light magazine.  I didn't look at the actual recipe in the magazine, but this was the general idea.  On the side I had zucchini fries :)

And for dessert...Soy Delicious Coconut Ice Cream Sandwiches.  If you like coconut, get these.  They had a great coconut flavor and were extra creamy.  I love me some dessert :)

Now off to watch the obnoxious brats of NYC Prep...

Monday, July 6, 2009


For my afternoon snack, I had 1 oz of raw sharp cheddar cheese.  Raw means unpasteurized milk is used, apparently, this is easier on the stomach than pasteurized products ( or so it's debated).  I LOVED this cheese.  It was extra sharp and creamy and 1 oz kept me full from about 5:00pm until I ate dinner around 7:30pm..

I did a little shreds after my snack, level 3.  I was DYING.  I think the hardest part is the scissor crunch..I can't keep my legs off the ground, it's so hard for me.

Then I made stuff bell peppers for two (since I am cooking for not only myself, but my sister as well..)
  • 2 red bell peppers
  • 8 oz lean ground turkey breast
  • onions
  • garlic
  • cumin
  • 1 cup black beans
  • 3/4c tomato sauce
Add garlic to sprayed pan.  Let sizzle.  Then add the onions.  Cook until translucent.  Add the meat, cook until all turned white.  Then add the seasoning (add whatever kind you like, I added salt, pepper and cumin).  Finally, add canned black beans and tomato sauce.  

Meanwhile, steam the peppers until more tender.  Scoop the mixture into the pepper and place in the oven at 400 degrees for 10min or so.  Feel free to top with salsa, cheese ect.

I had that beautiful pepper mixture and the pepper plus half the sweet potato in the pic...I was surprisingly full and only ate half...but not full enough for...

ICE CREAM.  Personally, I love plain vanilla ice cream.  Sometimes I add toppings but mostly I eat it plain.  I bought the Breyer's  All Natural Vanilla..it has AWESOME stats ~110 cals per 1/2c and about 1.5g fat.  AND it's ALL NATURAL.  No fake sweeteners (so grosss) or colors.

I leave you with this lovely picture of my sister, Rebecca getting shredded!!  You go girl

Rain, Rain Go Away.

It's raining. again. I think it has rained every day..this summer.  Not gunna lie, I sorta like it.  I am in the middle of the Harry Potter series right now and I never feel guilty staying inside to read when it's raining.

For breakfast, I tried a Gorgeously Green recipe

  • organic instant oats (just rolled oats..no added colors)
  • 1 tsp organic coconut
  • 1 tsp organic honey
  • 2 tbsp skim milk
  • 1 small banana
Pretty darn good. Held me over during my yoga class, which felt more like Bikram since it was about 10000 degrees in the room. I kept looking around to see if anyone else was sweating, finally some woman asked for the fans to be turned on lol

Lunch was my left overs from yesterday:
  • whole grain pearl cous-cous (1 box)
  • tomato, cucumber, basil, red onion (one each of the cuke and tom...1/4onion and some basil)
  • splash of lemon juice (fresh lemon), 1-2tbsp of olive oil for the entire recipe (which serves 4)
Cook couscous in 2cups of water for about 15min until water is absorbed.  Chill.  Add ingredients.  Feel free to add 2 whole cloves of garlic.  Just toss them in and then for flavor.  They will infuse throughout. Season to taste (salt, pepper, other spices such as cilantro, parsley, mint...)

I had one serving  over romaine lettuce with a ezekial pita topped with avocado on the side.

I personally need a fat source (ie. cheese, avocado, salmon,  nuts) to keep me full so that's why I added the avocado on the side.

Off to do some major grocery shopping.  While I'm there, I think i'll par-take in operation beautiful!

 I'll be reviewing raw cheddar cheese this afternoon so stayed tuned 

Sunday, July 5, 2009

MIA No Longer

Hi Friends, so I have been slightly mia but I'm back :)

My healthy eating is back too, which is quite exciting if you ask me.  Right now, my sister is living with me (or shall I say I am living with her  lol).  She is taking over the lease to my apartment and I am here off and on until I leave for France in September.  She's going into her sophomore year at UF so this is her apartment...awwww.  Needless to say, we eat the same things. lol. AKA we both want to be healthy..soo cooking has been double the fun since my last roomie and I ate very differently (hi myrtle lol).

We started planning our meals every sunday night for the entire week..this includes nights we will go out, nights I will go out and have drinks and so forth.  It has made meal planning and staying on a healthy eating track so. easy.

Here's a link to a blank template.

In an effort to increase my "greenosity" I just bought

The Gorgeously Green Diet by Sophie Uliano.  So far I love it.  It give not only tips on how to eat more green (ie. reducing your waste such as plastic containers ect) but also the low down on organic and such.  It also has meal plans depending on your "shade" (intensity) of greeness.  I am a bright to light green.  

Things I like about the book:
1. She incorporates information regarding vegan and vegetarian eating AS WELL AS MEAT!  I am a flexitarian (although I do eat a large amount of fish) so I like this aspect.  
2.  She doesn't preach.  
3. Easy to follow meal plan that appears to have the proper amount of food to keep you fueled (not so sure about weight loss (might be a little too many cals) unless you eat a poor diet but most defiantly weight maintenance and overall increase in energy and appearance)
4. Whole natural foods..no fake scary imitation/fat free/sugar free products.

I plan on making these meals from the book this week:
1. Asian Chicken Salad with Sobo Noodles
2. Black Bean Soup

Off to read Harry Potter #5!!!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Vacation Recap.

Hi everyone!  I just returned after being away for almost 2 weeks!  I had a fabulous time, ate delicious food and even worked out!

My family and I travel quite a bit, however, this was my first time trying to be health conscious while still enjoying myself.  I noticed a lot of things while I was in France and Italy.  First, their food is fresh and simple.  Most sauces were a simple olive oil based sauce with fresh lemon and herbs.  Even the pizza manages to seem light and figure friendly, thanks to their wood ovens.   In my opinion, this is the key to success.  Keep it simple and let the ingredients shine through.  I am moving to Paris on September 15th!  so...hopefully this simple eating will agree with me :)

Overall, I think I did very well watching my portions and sampling everything.  Here are a few of my tricks:

1.  I choose to skip the bread (for the most part) in Italy because I don't care for their bread, while in France, I enjoyed it.  
2. Share, share share.  We ordered mutiple entrees and appetizers and desserts..and shared.  This way you aren't stuck eating an entire plate of creamy risotto by yourself (not that that would be s0 bad... lol)
3. Sad but true fact.  On normal family vacations, I have been known to eat gelato MULTIPLE times a day.  More than one scoop at each sitting. This time, I tried to limit it to once per day.  There were a few days where I did not have any at all.
4. Water, water water..and red wine...and a few limoncellos...but nothing crazy.
5. I ran at least a 5k 6 out of the 11 days I was gone.  Book a hotel with a gym..I felt TOO guilty to walk by it and not stop in...

Some food highlights:

1. Entire Seabass, de-boned in front of us by our lovely assistant waiter, Mei.
2. A HUGEMONGO bowl of chocolate mousse..for 2.
3.  Veggie Pizza in Venice :)
4.  Vanilla Pan Seared Scallops in France
5. HUGE white asparagus in France. Out of this world good.
6. Delicious, authentic vegetarian falafel 

Needless to say, this girl is back watching what she eats :).  To be truthful, I've taken a month off of really being food conscious.  It was an unintentional break..that I actually didn't like.  I realized I enjoy eating healthy, whole foods, watching my portions and indulging every now-and-then.  So I'm back..and it feelsss soooo niceeeee....

I am making turkey burgers tonight with baked sweet potato fries and asparagus! 

Here are a few cute tips I saw in my SELF mag while I was lounging at the pool:

1. Cake's just not that into you. HEHEHE. Agreed.  But totally worth it once in a while
2. Make sure you can ID the animal..scary..but true.
3. Don't buy food where you buy tires.  Honey Buns are not food items people.
4. Your hips are not a fridge. AKA you don't have to eat everything. 
5. Cut yourself a break!  Don't forget to ENJOY!

I leave you with some pics of my adventures!

mousse au chocolat!

Don't worry. I shared this bad boy. Falafelllll in Le Marais, Paris, France.

Mei and the sea bass.




Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pre-Vacation Jitters!

Hi lovies.

Today is my last day of work..and I am SO SAD.  I love my kiddies and I am going to miss them.  We have a banquet planned for this afternoon complete with Carrabbas and COOKIE CAKE.  You best believe I am hitting that up.  

Interesting Eats:

I went to Macaroni Grill.  To say I was disappointed would be an understatement.  I ordered Whole Wheat Penne with Tomato Basil Sauce, Broccoli, Spinach, Buffallo Mozz and 2 Meatballs.  First off, it was drowning in sauce, the noodles were limp, yes, limp, 2 pieces of mozz (which was prolly for the best)..the meatballs were good?

On a brighter note...I tried the Yoplait Thick and Creamy 110cal Cherry Cobbler Yogurt.  I was so impressed!  Aside from the artificial sweetner, I liked every aspect.  It lived up to it's name, and was both thick and creamy AND tasted like real cherry cobbler!  I'd buy this again...but I'd eat if for dessert, not a snack or lunch item.

I also tried the Banana Cream Pie..not the thick and creamy but just the light.  Don't waste your money.  I can't overlook the artificial-ness thanks to its off taste.  Stick with Thick and Creamy.

Signauture Drink.  So...I want my own "Skinny Girl Margarita".  I always get light beer when I go out, however, sometimes I want a girly girl drink so I've been getting
  • vodka...about 100cals
  • Soda Water...about ZERO CALS
  • Fresh Lime Juice..healthy?...ZERO CALS
  • not too shabby :)

So on Saturday I am off to....PARIS AND VENICE!!  YAY! I cannot wait.  My sister is over in Paris now studying abroad so we are going to meet up with her, check out my school for next year and such and then hop over to Venice.  I will be gone May 16th-May 28th.  I will take TONS of food pics..I promise.  I am soo excited for all the clean, healthy food. YIPEE.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Hi everyone!  I'm back!!!  I took a brief hiatus from blogging and am happy to be back :)

I decided to take a few days (which turned into weeks) off. I was feeling a little overwhelmed with everything that was going on in the blog world...I felt like I couldn't keep up!  I admire all the bloggers who do challenge after challenge and I felt like my blog wasn't really offering anything.  I wasn't doing give aways, I wasn't capturing every meal on camera, I wasn't doing raw this or vegan that.  I think those other blogs are AMAZING and  I WISH I had the dedication those women do.  However, I also realized that this is my blog and I can do WHATEVER I want with it.  

So, I'm back.  I won't be photographing every single thing I put into my mouth, but rather, the really good things :) or interesting ones, it just works better for me.

So!  What have I been up to?  Well, my roommate moved out before going to Phoenix for real life :(, I took my after school program to the water park (and didn't go crazy) and my eating has been...less than stellar to say the least.  

I've seen major changes due to my diet changes.  My skin isn't lookin' ::oh so radiant:: to put it nicely, my jeans are ::tight:: and my running has been ::affected::.  Not a happy camper over here, but it's my own doing so time to fix it.

So, this week, I decided to follow the Clean Eating Magazine 14 day (make that 7 for me) meal plan.  Today is day 3!

I did cheat some yesterday and had sushi for dinner.   I actually had an AMAZING roll...without rice, which I never thought i'd like...but it was incredible.  It had wakame salad, greens, tilapia, tuna, crab, carrots and seaweed.  I also had some tart yogurt from this new place that opened in gville...right next to the Bento on Archer.  They serve a zillion flavors of tart, natural yogurt.  I got original and Taro flavored...it sorta had a sugar cookie taste..fine by me...

Things I like about this meal plan:
  1. variety.  They offer up a ton of different meals, such as a pork fajita casserole, strawberry smoothies, veggie burgers, tofu scrambles....
  2. it's a reasonable amount of cals...about 1,500-1,600 per day.  On long run days, I can always add a few hundred more
  3. they give you a shopping list you can cut out...how perfect.
  4. it's all clean eating

Not the biggest fan of...
  1. 5 meals a day is a bit much for me.  I don't get up at 7am..so trying to squeeze bfast, snack and lunch into a 5 hour time frame is a bit stressful.  I prefer four meals, bfast, lunch, snack, dinner..and then dessert :) 
  2. no dessert factored in.  um excuse me. a girl needs her chocolate. and cookies. and cake. oh wait...that's why I'm doing this..to not eat those things everyday..whoops...
  3. it's a little hard to eat out when you have it all planned like this.  I'm still going to eat out...and do the meal plan for the other meals of that day

Exercise wise, I am TRYING to get refocused on running.  I am still running 4-5 days a week...I've just cut back on my distance ever since my IT band issue.  So, generally I've been running about 12-13 miles per week.  But...I want to get back to doing a legit long run on sundays.  

So here are some pics of what I've been up to all of May :)

My roommate graduated with her BA in May!  Here we are at lunch :)

My friend Moira turned 23!  Can you tell what her favorite color is?

XOXO, Healthy Girl.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Life Motto

Life Motto as of 8:15pm...

Eat Smart. Think Big. Act like a Supermodel.

Peace and Love.

Happy Almost Friday!

Hi blog world.

Happy ALMOST FRIDAY!!  I can't wait for the weekend.  My roomie is graduating (sad but exciting) so this is our last hurrah.  

Since my 5k, I really haven't run. I ran Monday..but it was pretty pathetic...I ran for I kid you not 18min. That's a joke (for me personally..18min is a very long time and admirable for many).

Last night though :).....I laced up the sneaks and did a nice 4 miler.  I didn't even bring the garm which was actually refreshing.  I love my garm.  I feel nakie without it.  BUT sometimes it is really nice to get out there and...run.  Just go.  I went at 6:40pm and when I returned home around 7:20pm I was really sweaty (yeah I live in Florida, I sweat at 10pm too) and felt refreshed.  I think everyone should do that sometimes.  Don't monitor your pace or cals burned and just go.  I went. And it was great.

I also made Bison last night!  I really do prefer it to regular meat.  It has much much much more flavor in my opinion and has a leaner fat content.  I salt'n' peppered it and threw it in the oven for about 20min.  Then sliced it over a salad.  Try it!  You can order Bison online which is what my Dad did for me.  It has defrosted really nicely and kept well.

Also, head over to SkinnyRunner and check out speidi...how chic.

Simple Pleasure of the Day: This actually happened the other day but I'll tell you anyway.  I have one of the kiddoroos something and he said "Thank you".  It made my day.  A simple thanks.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Climb for Cancer

So today was the Climb for Cancer race!  WHoOoOoO!

I decided to do the 5 kizzle since my IT band hates me right now.  It was so fun and I have never been happier to run 3.2miles in my life. ever.

We kept a really slow, comfortable pace, talked the entire time and enjoyed the weather.  (simple pleasure..check)

I saw one of my kiddos from after school there so that was fun, especially since I met his Mom...he had better behave from now on.... lol

Distance: 3.2miles
Time: 30:30..including water breaks and such.  and a potty break. for me. fantastic.

Friday night, we went to see a Beatles cover band, called "The Shitty Beatles"..haha.  Great name, right?  They were AMAZING.  SO talented and they put on a great show :)  

Here are some sweet pics from the race:

Pre-Race.  Sweet Shirts, I know. They say Run 4 Roz...our friend that passed away from brain cancer in August.  Love ya girl.
Shae, Moira, Jenn, ME!!, Caitlin

Jenn, ME!, Shae...I am so intense.  Look at me going straight for the Garmin...for a 5k.  Shae is so happy and look at that leg muscle...toned.

Post race, looking fab.
Caitlin, Jenn, ME!!, Moira

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Simple Pleasures

Hi Blog World!

Life gets so busy sometimes, that you forget to stop and appreciate the simple things.  My roommate Caitlin and I decided that each day, we are going to stop and notice a simple pleasure during our daily routine.

We were at the pool laying out today, brainstorming all of the simple pleasures we take for granted!  Here is part of our list (with help from Chad too):

  1. Washing your hair after a good workout/the beach/the pool/a looonnggg time (ew but true)
  2. Brushing your teeth the next morning after a long night out 
  3. New Socks!  Especially new running socks
  4. A cool breeze on a warm day
  5. An unexpected text!  You know when you just don't have time to look at your phone and don't hear it ring and then you finally look...and you have a text from someone unexpected? Yeah I love that feeling.
  6. Saturday Morning rainstorms.  ARE. THE. BEST.
These are just a few of our ideas!  Take some time out of your day to notice the small thing that bring you pleasure!  

A beautiful, cool breeze while laying out!  Brought a smile to my face.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009



So, I took a brief hiatus from blogging and boy did I miss it :)  I hope you all missed me as well.

Since my hiatus, I have really refocused on eating what I want to eat...not what I think I should eat.  For example, I don't need a million snacks a day.  I just simply don't.  Not now anyway.  I am not running nearly as much as I was before and I was still continuing to snack away...but it wasn't necessary.  

I am trying to incorporate more raw food into my diet.  I have NO plans on becoming a raw foodie, although I really applaud those of you who follow this lifestyle, I think it's great.  However, I am trying to have a few raw meals a week.  I think it is an interesting concept with many health benefits.

I have been sporadically running due to my knee and I really miss it.  

Lastly, I have been eating out WAY TOO MUCH.  I can't decide if this is a good or bad thing though.  On one hand, I have not been eating dessert. In fact, I have not had dessert since....last thursday? (except for some on Sunday during Founder's Day :)  Which is a good thing since I can't seem to control myself with dessert.  I have also been ordering somewhat healthy items in appropriate portions so...we shall see how this works out.  

So...that is the latest update.  Overall, I feel LESS controlled by food!  Which in my opinion is great.  Being controlled by food is scary and I am happy to report that I have felt much much better in the past week or two.

My race for Cancer is SATURDAY!  It came upon me so quickly.  I am currently signed up for the 10k, however, I might switch to the 5k.  I am going for a run in a few minutes to see how my IT Band is feeling.  I don't want to really injure it.  I am so excited for this race though because some of my friends are doing it as well.  They might all be doing the 5k and in that case...it would be fun to all run together!  

I will be back to picture taking!  For now, here are some highlights:

  1. Cioppino again. I AM obsessed with this stuff.
  2. RAW-ISH LUNCH!: Veggie Juice (carrots, apples, kale, celery) I could DEF taste the Kale which was EXTREMELY salty...but the apples and carrots helped keep it sweet WITH a huge salad of lettuce, avocado, tomato, olive oil, some (not raw) feta
  3. SUSHI!- I had this one roll that was wrapped in soybeans....so different and so tasty.
  4. MICROWAVED EGG WHITES! BEST.THING.EVER.  I AM OBSESSED WITH THESE.  I put 3 in a mug and nuked them for 1min 30sec. SOOO much better than a fried egg. THey are so fluffy and moist!  I saw them on Eat, Live, Run! :) Thanks!  Super easy and delicious.
Also, I think it is strange that Miss California from the USA pageant is going around saying her answer cost her the title.  I think that is rather presumptuous of her to say and is a dig at the winner, Miss North Carolina.  The whole pageant itself in my opinion was rather strange. Girls were wearing barely there evening gowns, everyone looked INCREDIBLY FAKE, yet beautiful, and the hosts?  Really?  They did a terrible job.  They were unprofessional and it made the entire pageant seem like a sham.  Skinny Runner brought up some good points as well.  I believe this pageant focuses more on beauty than brains, which is too bad.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tues-Thurs Recap

Hi friends!  Sorry I have been MIA-- I have been really busy lately :)

Tuesday, Demetri Martin (the comedian) came to UF to perform. HE was SO FUNNY!  He did a funny skit on purposing to your girlfriend lol.

So, I realized that I have been crazy about food lately.  I mean crazy.  It has been controlling my every thought..psycho I know.  So..I decided to just highlight my food from now on.  I was really lacking when it came to intuitive eating.  I was eating snacks just because it was snack time.  So...I needed to chill with the whole food thing.  Needless to say, I feel 100 times better :) 


  • sushi!!  I got wakame salad, miso soup and a tasty roll
  • salmon salad wrap: canned salmon, light mayo, flatout wrap, lettuce, tomato, avocado
  • juicy pear that I dropped on the ground so I ate around that part...whoops...
  • odwalla c-booster juice

Thurs Highlights:

I've been keeping my oatmeal nice and simple lately so I had
  • 1/2c rolled oats
  • 1 cup water
  • a little less than brown sugar

I had earlier posted pics of my pomegranted water. It sorta tasted like Body Odor.  I know that's a weird explanation but that was the after taste. Not pleasant.

So on my search for tasty sparkling water, I found Poland Springs Raspberry Lime.  Delicious!  Had a nice, clean taste with no scary after taste.  Thanks Poland!

I also had Ethnic Gourmet Pad Thai with Tofu.  It was tasty.  Could have used more spice.  I recommend getting real pad thai though.  It just didn't have enough heat for me and the tofu was a little chewy although the noodles help up really really nicely.

I like the SmartOnes Rice Noodles taste better although they don't heat up as well so...choices.choices.

So in an effort to not be so crazy about eating, I got a portion controlled chocolate chip cookie :)  My sweet tooth was completely satisfied and I felt in control.


My knee feels a lot better.  I am pretty sure it is my IT Band that is irritating me.  I decided to run today so I did

Distance: 2.5miles
Time: 23:10 min

I might do the 10k instead of the 15k on April 25th.  I don't want to be hobbling to the finish line, I'd rather finish strong and not have any knee problems.

I have some new eats planned for tomorrow!  Can't wait!


Did anyone watch Real Housewives of NY on Tues??  Really Kelly Bensimonne?  She was running, in the street, in a studded t-shirt, with her hair down.  LOL.  OK.

Have a great night everyone :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend Recap/Happy Monday!

Hi everyone!  Hope you all had a wonderful Passover and Easter!

I had a fabulous weekend!

Friday I went out with my friends and ran into this monstrocity...

yes.  it is what you think it is. a.giant.crunch.bar.  and i.didn't.touch.it. lol YAY me. Shout out t0 Shanty :)

Saturday I helped with French Compeition prep at the local highschool where I did my internship during undergrad.  I love french :)  They got subway for everyone so I had a smoothie with:
  • 1/2 banana
  • 5 strawberries
  • handful of spinach
  • vanilla protein powder
  • silk milk
for breakfast and then a turkey sub for lunch.

I went to an AMAZING sushi place, Fuji,  for dinner!  A-May-Zing. I also tried Sake for the first time...interesting. lol.  Not my fave but def interesting.

I saw I Love You, Man.  HA. HA HA.  Funny.  Not the best..but funny. I could kind of relate to the main character because sometimes I say things, and then I'm like..uh...why did I just say that. why.

Other eating highlights from the weekend:

  • Too Jay's Veggie stuffed pita (holy yum)
  • Banana Foster Oatmeal (oatmeal, banana, brown sugar)
Get Ready to Run!

So..I went for my 9mile run.  My knee was KILLING me around mile 6.  I stopped and stretched it..and I guess it sorta/kinda/not really helped.  So..I only did a slow slow slow 8miles...

Distance: 8miles
Time: 1hour 24min

I did take some shots during the run (Cliff shot blocks hehe) which really helped!  And I also ate my oatmeal about 1hour before I left for my run and I felt well fueled and nourished.  Eating a meal is a must for me before I run.

SO..that brings me to today!

Went to Yoga/Pilates and felt really energized, balanced and strong!  I love those days!

I particiapted in Meghann's amazing blog bake sale and got my Chunky Monkey Brownies!  So.Goood.  These babies are topped with dried bananas, walnuts, chocolate chips..they taste so homemade!  I ate..one..two...three...lol...with a side of salad lol
  • lettuce
  • avocado
  • turkey breast
  • cucumber
  • tomato
  • hummus
  • slice of wheat bread

I also tried this Pom Sparkling Water...pretty good.  Sometimes I want something other than water but I never ever drink diet drinks and I don't like spending calories on sodas soo..this is a nice substitute!

Tex Mex for dinner :)
  • chips and salsa
  • one tortilla
  • 1/2 order of chicken fajitas :)
  • refried beans
  • some guac/lettuce/tomato salsa
  • brownies. why chunky monkey. im going to be a chunky monkey.
When you go out for mexican and they give you fajitas or multiple tacos/burritos, take the fillings and stuff them into one shell/tortilla.  This will save you cals but you can still enjoy the food and get enough to be satisfied!

So, I'm going to call the DR tomorrow and see what's up with my knee.  I REALLY REALLY REALLY need to run the 15k.  I refuse not to and maybe this seems irresponsible but this is probably the most important race I will run this year.  So. Yeah. :)

Have a great night...enjoy The Hills...College Life...other trash...hehe.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Hi blog world!

So today was my first day not being a vegan..however..I ate more plant based meals today thanks to my vegan experience!

  1. 1 cup shredded wheat
  2. 1 cup silk light
  3. 1 cup strawberries

  • lettuce
  • 1/4 avocado
  • vegan burger, quite good!  Boca Vegan Burgers :) 
  • cucumber, tomato
  • hummus
Refreshing and light!

  • 1 cup of grapes
  • 1/2c edamame

I made my favorite quinoa cold salad with:
  • quinoa
  • cucumber
  • tomato
  • soy sauce
  • lemon juice
  • some chickpeas
  • you can add edamame, corn, different beans, something sweet
plus some baked chicken breast with mustard and steamed broccoli.

And then a delicious banana with some honey for dessert!!

So, you may have noticed that my eating has changed a bit!  My meals are usually more carb heavy and I always have dessert dessert.  

As I said earlier, I have not been feeling myself lately.  I have been feeling heavy and out of shape.  So I made some simple changes to my diet and I will see how I feel after the week 

Change 1: I love carbs and I think they are so important.  HOwever, I need to moderate my consumption.  I think I do best with a carb at each meal but not necessarily at each snack.  Additionally, I need to stick to quality carbs such as sweet potatos, ezekial bread, cereals and watch portion sizes!

Change 2:  Sometime I eat to eat.  I'll feel like something and eat it, regardless of the nutritional benefits or how hungry I am.  Sometimes one slice of toast is enough and I don't need two.  I am working on changing my attitude about eating and no focusing SO MUCH on it.

Change 3:  Sometimes I eat in anticipation for a big run and I feel like I NEED CARBS AND PEANUT BUTTER!  That's great for a long long run..but for a 2 miler?  I don't think so.  Just because I run a lot does not mean I need to fuel like an iron man.  I still need to keep it in check.

Hopefully with these changes I will feel back to normal!  I will keep you all updated :)


My friends Moira and Jenn came with my on a nice 2mile run.  It was BEAUTIFUL out!!  My lower back has been bothering my a bit so I went for a light run.  I am still planning on my 9mile run on sunday  so we shall see how that goes.

Distance: 2miles
Time: 18min 42sec

I did another .5 miles at an easy easy pace.

I just watched Southland, the  new cop show on TV.  It has the guy from The OC in it..he plays the same character..kinda weird..kinda cool.  It is on on Thursdays..pretty good..watch it!

Going out with my friends tonight..re-cap tomorrow :)

I leave you with this little joke from my friend Steph:

Steph: "I need a date"
Steph:"....the food and a real one"

HAHA Love Dates...both kinds ;)..

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Vegan Days Review

So, I decided to cut my vegan experiment short.  However, I learned some really interesting things since Monday.

Vegan Review:

  1. I tried Kale for the first time, in a green smoothie and really liked it.  Veganism made me branch out and try different breakfasts.  I'll be incorporating more kale into my diet.
  2. I don't necessarily need meat to feel full.  I had udon noodle soup, tofu wraps, salads with beans and felt satisfied without the added animal bi products.
  3. I already enjoy fruits and vegetables, however, vegan cooking allowed me to experiment more with them.  It also made me consider incorporating more "raw"foods into my diet.
  4. It helped me feel more in control of my eating.  When I wanted chocolate, I knew it wasn't part of my eating philosophy and I was able to better resist.
  1. I found that I did not miss meat but rather eggs.  I think eggs have a lot to offer health wise and I enjoy them for breakfast and for snacks.  I really did miss them. And milk.  Soy milk works very well in smoothies...however I perfer a glass of cow's milk to drink or in cereal.  This is probably a habit and could be easily broken, however, for now, real milk for me.
  2. Just because it is vegan, doesn't mean it is healthy.  I made a cake and trust me, this bad boy was pretty heavy calorie wise...no eggs doesn't mean low fat.
  3. I found that I did experiement with many diffrerent foods, however, I also ate more carbs than I normally do.  I did not necessarily feel lighter after the 4 days.
Overall, vegan eating has many perks and I am happy I tried it for a few days.  I really missed:
  1. eggs
  2. milk
  3. fish
But that was about it.  I encourage people to try and eat vegan or to try and eat a more plan based diet.  The biggest thing I took away was recipes that are plant-based.  I will be making a conscience effort to eat more plant based meals :)

Here are a few highlights from my days as vegan eating:

kale smoothie, roasted red pepper and two pea soup, roasted garlic and tomato soup with kidney beans, lemon-coconut bundt cake...all of these recipes were incredible.  I highly recommend Veganomicon as a great way to start experiment with different foods. Easy to follow directions and tasty recipes :)

Also,  a peanut butter cookie larabar.  LOVED IT.  This is my new favorite one :)


While I was home, I did a little 5k for fun around my neighborhood.  Before the 5k, my mom and I walked/ran 1 mile.  She did a great job!  Hopefully we can do a race together soon!

Distance: 5k
Time: 28min 08sec

I also did a easy 2miles in 20:03

I am getting ready for my 9mile run on Saturday in prep for my Climbing for Cancer Race, Saturday April 25th.  Click Here for more details!  I'd love to see some of you on race day!  It is for the best cause in my opinion. I am so excited!  I have run 5ks and a half marathon, but never an in between distance so it should be interesting.

Lately, I have been feeling a little off balance with my eating.  Over the next few days you may notice some changes in my eating including smaller portion sizes, more plant based meals, less sweets.  Hopefully I will be feeling back to normal soon!

I leave you all with a cute pic of my doggy, Star.  She's so cute and 12 years old, which makes her even cuter.  Look at her rockin' that headband.