Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Almost Friday!

Hi blog world.

Happy ALMOST FRIDAY!!  I can't wait for the weekend.  My roomie is graduating (sad but exciting) so this is our last hurrah.  

Since my 5k, I really haven't run. I ran Monday..but it was pretty pathetic...I ran for I kid you not 18min. That's a joke (for me personally..18min is a very long time and admirable for many).

Last night though :).....I laced up the sneaks and did a nice 4 miler.  I didn't even bring the garm which was actually refreshing.  I love my garm.  I feel nakie without it.  BUT sometimes it is really nice to get out there  Just go.  I went at 6:40pm and when I returned home around 7:20pm I was really sweaty (yeah I live in Florida, I sweat at 10pm too) and felt refreshed.  I think everyone should do that sometimes.  Don't monitor your pace or cals burned and just go.  I went. And it was great.

I also made Bison last night!  I really do prefer it to regular meat.  It has much much much more flavor in my opinion and has a leaner fat content.  I salt'n' peppered it and threw it in the oven for about 20min.  Then sliced it over a salad.  Try it!  You can order Bison online which is what my Dad did for me.  It has defrosted really nicely and kept well.

Also, head over to SkinnyRunner and check out chic.

Simple Pleasure of the Day: This actually happened the other day but I'll tell you anyway.  I have one of the kiddoroos something and he said "Thank you".  It made my day.  A simple thanks.

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