Thursday, April 9, 2009

Vegan Days Review

So, I decided to cut my vegan experiment short.  However, I learned some really interesting things since Monday.

Vegan Review:

  1. I tried Kale for the first time, in a green smoothie and really liked it.  Veganism made me branch out and try different breakfasts.  I'll be incorporating more kale into my diet.
  2. I don't necessarily need meat to feel full.  I had udon noodle soup, tofu wraps, salads with beans and felt satisfied without the added animal bi products.
  3. I already enjoy fruits and vegetables, however, vegan cooking allowed me to experiment more with them.  It also made me consider incorporating more "raw"foods into my diet.
  4. It helped me feel more in control of my eating.  When I wanted chocolate, I knew it wasn't part of my eating philosophy and I was able to better resist.
  1. I found that I did not miss meat but rather eggs.  I think eggs have a lot to offer health wise and I enjoy them for breakfast and for snacks.  I really did miss them. And milk.  Soy milk works very well in smoothies...however I perfer a glass of cow's milk to drink or in cereal.  This is probably a habit and could be easily broken, however, for now, real milk for me.
  2. Just because it is vegan, doesn't mean it is healthy.  I made a cake and trust me, this bad boy was pretty heavy calorie eggs doesn't mean low fat.
  3. I found that I did experiement with many diffrerent foods, however, I also ate more carbs than I normally do.  I did not necessarily feel lighter after the 4 days.
Overall, vegan eating has many perks and I am happy I tried it for a few days.  I really missed:
  1. eggs
  2. milk
  3. fish
But that was about it.  I encourage people to try and eat vegan or to try and eat a more plan based diet.  The biggest thing I took away was recipes that are plant-based.  I will be making a conscience effort to eat more plant based meals :)

Here are a few highlights from my days as vegan eating:

kale smoothie, roasted red pepper and two pea soup, roasted garlic and tomato soup with kidney beans, lemon-coconut bundt cake...all of these recipes were incredible.  I highly recommend Veganomicon as a great way to start experiment with different foods. Easy to follow directions and tasty recipes :)

Also,  a peanut butter cookie larabar.  LOVED IT.  This is my new favorite one :)


While I was home, I did a little 5k for fun around my neighborhood.  Before the 5k, my mom and I walked/ran 1 mile.  She did a great job!  Hopefully we can do a race together soon!

Distance: 5k
Time: 28min 08sec

I also did a easy 2miles in 20:03

I am getting ready for my 9mile run on Saturday in prep for my Climbing for Cancer Race, Saturday April 25th.  Click Here for more details!  I'd love to see some of you on race day!  It is for the best cause in my opinion. I am so excited!  I have run 5ks and a half marathon, but never an in between distance so it should be interesting.

Lately, I have been feeling a little off balance with my eating.  Over the next few days you may notice some changes in my eating including smaller portion sizes, more plant based meals, less sweets.  Hopefully I will be feeling back to normal soon!

I leave you all with a cute pic of my doggy, Star.  She's so cute and 12 years old, which makes her even cuter.  Look at her rockin' that headband. 


  1. i could never give up eggs either!! they are way too yummy and the benefits of eating eggs are awesome :)

    hope you start to feel more like yourself soon!

  2. My huge thing is eggs too, I really love egg whites and I'm having a hard time giving them up. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Aww the headband looks so cute!

    I completely agree with the three mentioned food items. I just cannot give up on them,they are my weakness!

  4. Your dog is soo cute. Good job with the vegan challenge! Also, where do you get your almond breeze? I need to get some...I keep reading about it. I bought almond milk from the "health" section in Stop and Shop and it's kind of nasty. Can you taste the kale in your smoothie? lol sorry for my plethora of questions!

  5. Being a vegan is slightly difficult but of course not impossible. I think the primary difficulty is dining out. (i did the vegan diet for the 3 days Meghan was home)

    I am concerned regarding the health implications and do hope all the vegans are taking dietary vitamin supplements.

  6. BethAnn,
    I got my almond breeze at a major grocery store, Publix..go to any health food store and I am pretty sure they will have it as well. You can probably order it online too..from where haha. Also consider getting is soy milk and it comes in light, vanilla, plain..ect. I like it a lot and I am a huge milk fan.

    I only put 1 kale leaf in and NO! I could not taste it! Some lilttle pieces of it got stuck in my teeth but other than that it added a ton of nutritional benefits and I didn't even know it was there! If you add something banana, mango, peach, should be good to go. Also, the peanut butter helped A TON! It tasted like an amazing peanut butter banana smoothie :) TRY IT!!! I really want to get a juicer next wheeeeeeeee!!!