Sunday, April 5, 2009


So DM is overrr!  Pi Phi (my sorority) got 1st place in spirit and overall DM raised over $413,000!!

Great success.  My youngest sister, Rebecca danced.  Here are some sweet pics from the event (for those of you who missed my previous post, it's a 26.2 hour event were "dancers" have to stay on their feet the entire time and they learn a cool line dance).  All proceeds go to the Children's Miracle Network.

Some of the songs/music of the line dance were:
Swing, Bird Walk, Single Ladies, Blink 182, Pour some sugar on me...

My sister is in the black shirt and blue/white nike running shorts..with a shirt on that says "I heart Pain" approp lol...apparently she's gettin' down in this pic...girl got moves...

Did a TON of walking on Saturday and went to the UF Track Invitational...super fun!

This morning went for a run.  I felt really good starting out.  I felt strong and had a good pace going.  Around mile 6...I was dragging.  Majorily dragging.  DONE. Didn't want to keep going..but I did?  Apparently I did.  I took a shot (block haha) at mile 6...which gave me a 1.3 mile burst and then I just sucked it up and ran.

Distance: 8.00 miles
Time: 1hour 18min 31sec
Gear: 2 80z water bottles 4oz gatorade 4oz water, 1 shot (block)


My mom came up for the event for my sister so between getting things for her we managed to have a little fun ourselves!  Had a great lunch at swamp:

  • seared salmon
  • multigrain bread
  • avocado spread
  • lettuce
  • tomato
  • side salad

We then hit up Fresh Market and got some fruit...I have watermelon :)

A little later, I ate the rest of a coconut cream larabar from earlier in the week...

THEN DINNER. SO GOOD!  We went to a place called Fresco.  It was divine.

We split the red pepper hummus appetizer...

Then the Chioppini ( I love this stuff)
  • calamari
  • muscles
  • clams
  • shrimp
  • tomato based broth with spinach in it
  • salmon. so good.

My mom got the salmon with a pesto sauce over whole wheat linguini.

We took the left over salmon home. I plan on eating that in about 2.5hours haha.

Then we hit up Mildreds for dessert...obviously...we had:
  • coconut cream light and moist and the perfect amount of coconut
  • chocolate raspberry tort...really good although not what I thought it would be.  We only ate about 1/3 of this one

This  morning I had a rudi's bagel before I left for my run...then a bowl of cereal with raisins and skim milk when I got home and some coco water (with peach and mango..much better than reg)

Lunch was the ever so delicious Pita Pit with:
  • pita
  • chicken
  • tzaziki
  • lettuce
  • cucumber
  • tomato
  • onion
  • red pepper

Then a chocolate chip cliff bar...a orange...


empty.  must research. 


  1. oh my that cake looks awesome :)
    love the noodles too!

  2. That red pepper hummus looks soooo good!!

  3. All that food looks soooo good!!!! I too love cioppini. Do you think you could research some recipes for it??? I bet it is not difficult to make.

  4. Do you have any more info on DM??? How many dancers participated this year?? Was the amount raised more or less than prior years?? Do they have any plans for the money raised?? Which sorority raised the most money??

  5. Over 600 participated, they raised less than last year..which was completely expected due to the economy, only about $20,000 less. FSU raised less too and theirs was in Feb so it was expected.

    They use the money for all sorts of things, medical equipment, beds for the families, chairs, coloring books, computers, toys for the kids...

    DG and Kappa Sig raised the most, $62,000.

  6. congrats on getting 1st place with your sisters!!! That seafood dish is making me hungry right now :)