Thursday, April 23, 2009

Simple Pleasures

Hi Blog World!

Life gets so busy sometimes, that you forget to stop and appreciate the simple things.  My roommate Caitlin and I decided that each day, we are going to stop and notice a simple pleasure during our daily routine.

We were at the pool laying out today, brainstorming all of the simple pleasures we take for granted!  Here is part of our list (with help from Chad too):

  1. Washing your hair after a good workout/the beach/the pool/a looonnggg time (ew but true)
  2. Brushing your teeth the next morning after a long night out 
  3. New Socks!  Especially new running socks
  4. A cool breeze on a warm day
  5. An unexpected text!  You know when you just don't have time to look at your phone and don't hear it ring and then you finally look...and you have a text from someone unexpected? Yeah I love that feeling.
  6. Saturday Morning rainstorms.  ARE. THE. BEST.
These are just a few of our ideas!  Take some time out of your day to notice the small thing that bring you pleasure!  

A beautiful, cool breeze while laying out!  Brought a smile to my face.



  1. I agree washing your hair just feels amazing sometimes!

  2. The little things people do for me that I don't think about...for instance yesterday my boyfriend's sister in law gave birth and we were rushing to the hospital to see her...i was running late so he picked up panera for me so that i wouldn't be hungry and without food for a couple of hours...also...all of you guys that comment regularly on my blog and the people that take time out of their day to visit my site...hmm...long runs in beautiful weather...the fact that i have the ability to run! sometimes when i'm running i think about the people that have health conditions and are forced to exercise when they don't like it or that can't exercise when they do...i'm fortunate enough to exercise--when i want to/where i want to/because i want to!

  3. just laying in the grass in a park or under the eiffel tower

  4. um talissa. you are excluded from this conversation.

  5. New socks are the best!!! And getting snail mail that isn't bills- that's good too :)