Saturday, April 4, 2009


So excited to have my first questions!

So, I received this lovely question from Healthy Adelphi (check out her site...tons of cool info on foods, exercise, life)

Q: "What is on your ipod playlist?"

A: EVERYTHING!  I have three main playlists that I rotate between when I don't want to just hit shuffle and run.  I update my playlists probably once every two weeks when I heard new music on the radio that gets me jammin.  If I wanna dance to it at a club..I want to run to it as well. You can always go to the ITunes page and look at the most downloaded songs or look up Billboard top 100.

Playlists 1 and 2 highlights:
Circus: Britney Spears
Decode: Paramore
Just Dance: Lady Gaga
Single Ladies (personal mantra): Beyonce
Live Your Life: TI and Rhianna
Love Story: Taylor Swift
Viva la Vida: Coldplay
One Step at a Time: Jordin Sparks
Running: Evermore
Une Derniere Dance: Kyo (in French)
Let It Rock: Kevin Rudolf
Rain on Your Parade (love this song): Duffy
Poker Face: Lady Gaga
I Hate This Part: Pussycat Dolls
Crack the Bottle: Emminem
Top of the World: Pussycat Dolls
Sober: Pink
Pourque tu m'aimes encore: Celine Dion (French)

Those are some highlights.  Each playlist is anywhere from 1.5hours to 2hours

This is called, YOU CAN DO IT. Sometimes you need these jams to get you through the toughies.  I made it for my half marathon for go to instant adrenaline:

Right Round: Flo Rida
Top of the World
Mad: Ne-Yo
Rock Star: N.E.R.D
Poker Face
Rain on Your Parade
Just Dance
Crack a Bottle
Dead and Gone: TI and Justin Timberlake
Blame it on the Alcohol: Jamie Foxx

Soon to be added for my run on Sunday:

Cookie Jar: not sure who sings this
Swing: Savage
Kiss me through the phone: Soulja Boy (what what)
Love Sex Magic: Ciara and JT
For cool down and an early morning run, nothing beats Death Cab for Cutie.

Hope this helped!

Q: What kind of shoes to you wear?

A: Excellent question.  I HEART Asics.  They are the only shoes I will wear.  I pronate inwards, so I have the the gel ones for stability.  More importantly, it is important to have a good sock.  When my sock isn't cushioned enough, I can feel the shoe and it's uncomfortable for me.  So, buy a nice sock with structure...not some flimsy thing. 

See you all later xo


  1. I love Asics too! I am going to download some of those songs, I need some more variety on my list. Would you be able to update my link on your blog list? Thanks <3 Have a great Saturday!

  2. i changed to asics from nikes and havent looked back. i used to get blisters all the time with my nikes, no matter how worn in or new they were. with the asics i dont think ive had one blister. but i have lost a toenail... so gross on so many levels.

  3. hey sarah- keep meaning to do that! doing it as we speak..

    skinnyrunner- omg. toenails ekkkkkk. nikes bother my archesss on so many levels. not cool nike.

  4. Awesome response to my question!! I'm going to do a link back on my blog later...I started with Asics and then switched to adidas (supernova sequence) and now I think I"m prob. going to go back to Asics. I get bored quickly lol. P.S. I love swing by savage! I always run faster when it comes on...crack a bottle is another personal favorite...i have recently become obsessed with "my lips like sugar" haha. Another favorite for sprinting is "me love" by sean kingston...and it's funny...i'm a huge classic rock fan but you can't really run to Led Zepp lol. Thanks for the great info! <3 (Also...I ran 5 miles today, you are good motivation!)

  5. you go girl! that's awesome!! doesn't it feel GREAT to do it outside?! I feel so accomplished when I see how far I went!

    Im going to sleep now to get ready for my 8miler tomorrow morning :)