Saturday, April 25, 2009

Climb for Cancer

So today was the Climb for Cancer race!  WHoOoOoO!

I decided to do the 5 kizzle since my IT band hates me right now.  It was so fun and I have never been happier to run 3.2miles in my life. ever.

We kept a really slow, comfortable pace, talked the entire time and enjoyed the weather.  (simple pleasure..check)

I saw one of my kiddos from after school there so that was fun, especially since I met his Mom...he had better behave from now on.... lol

Distance: 3.2miles
Time: 30:30..including water breaks and such.  and a potty break. for me. fantastic.

Friday night, we went to see a Beatles cover band, called "The Shitty Beatles"..haha.  Great name, right?  They were AMAZING.  SO talented and they put on a great show :)  

Here are some sweet pics from the race:

Pre-Race.  Sweet Shirts, I know. They say Run 4 Roz...our friend that passed away from brain cancer in August.  Love ya girl.
Shae, Moira, Jenn, ME!!, Caitlin

Jenn, ME!, Shae...I am so intense.  Look at me going straight for the Garmin...for a 5k.  Shae is so happy and look at that leg muscle...toned.

Post race, looking fab.
Caitlin, Jenn, ME!!, Moira


  1. Congrats -- awesome time and you guys look SO cute!!

  2. The four of you look so cute! Congrats on the awesome run!

  3. Congrats on the run! Very cute shirts :)

  4. cute race pics! you don't look all worn out and haggard like i always do in my race pics, lucky!