Friday, April 3, 2009


Friday. I cannot express my joy.

This is going to be a crazzzyyyy weekend!  It's Dance Marathon...a 26.2 hour event.  "Dancers" have to stay on their feet the entire time.  Support is ESSENTIAL!  About 600 people dance.. last year DM at UF raised $465,000!!

I was the delegate for my sorority last year.  My sister (real sister :) is dancing so my mom is coming up and we are going to bring her lots of goodies.

Back to today...


Power Yoga/Pilates.  Today was tough!  I was getting really warm throughout class.  I did some cool poses today and I really feel like I am getting stronger.  

The pilates portion is the best.  Seriously...I feel like my abs are sooo much stronger. I have scoliosis so my back bothers me a lot...see ya back pain ever since yogs/pilates.

I also played "vollyball" with the kiddos..aka...we used part of a fence at school as a net.  I am soo terrible at vollyball..they were loving it. They kept high-fiving all my horrible hits.


Bfizzle- Rudi's sweet wheat bagel with:
  • 1tbsp nat peanut butter and all fruit jelly on 1/2
  • slice of gouda on other half

I have been making a serious effort to  not just eat because it's snack time.  So..this actually kept me full until 1pm.  I didn't break into a legit snack because I wasn't hungry.

For a "snack" I had 8oz of snyergy.  YUM.  Honestly... people say it tastes like vinegar?  I think it taste like wine ahah.  Like a fruity wine spritzer.  
  1. Cancer Fighting Agents? Check.
  2. Digestive Help? Double Check.
  3. Antioxidants? Check
  4. Bacteria (gooood bac)? Check
  5. Naturally Alcoholic?  WHOOOOOOWHEEE!!  Haha jk. But seriously, Check.

  • greens
  • tuna (solid tuna)
  • avocado...obsession with it...
  • tomato
  • dried cherries
  • onions
I love salads that are soo tasty you don't even need dressing.  And I am obsessed with avocado. The end.

An hour later I had a bowl of Heritage Flax Plus, Skim Milk and some raisins.  Perfection.

During my intense vollyball workout haha I had an apple.


Soooo HUNGRY.  I downed some 
  • sauteed spianch with 1tsp olive oil and garlic
  • amy's organic black bean chili, corn bread, rice
  • bowl of roasted red pepper and tomato soup

I am dreaming of eating some better than pb...carob chips...a fig..a square of chocolate...But I can't.  I have never turned down food.  Maybe I have come to a breakthrough and I am capable of eating only when I need to? HAHAAH Prob Not.


Goin' out with friends tonight...probably have a drink or two. It's soo hard because a pitcher is like $2.  So people just order pitcher after pitcher...bad news.  I am going to try to order singular drinks.


Hit up old navy after work and got this tank that says Peace, Love, Yoga.

Usually not a huge fan of words on clothes...but this is sweeeeeeeet.
Gosh, Kitty is such a DIVA.  She always has to be in every picture I take.

I also got Veganomicon. WHOOP!  Couldn't resist.  I mean really...I HAD to buy it.  I'm doing the vegan challange for a week...this is technically a necessity right?  I might have also purchased Becoming a Vegan.  Very necessary.


While I was shelling out money on vegan books...I read the newest issue of US Weekly.  They had the Dancing with the Stars "secrets!!" on getting in shape. All of the professionals were saying that they don't eat carbs..don't eat carbs after 5pm..all that kind of stuff.  I could never swear off carbs or make myself stop eating at like 3pm.  I duno...I think it sends a poor message to people and they think the only way they can be in good shape is if they cut carbs.  I disagree. I think different things work for different people but this article def sent the overall message that carbs lead to weight issues.  NOT COOL. LOVE ME SOME CARBS.

Also, Real Housewives.  Fight between Bethenny and Kelly.  
Bethenny: 1
Kelly: 0



  1. I totally agree! It's actually really bad for you to cut carbs out of your diet. I work with a guy who is planning on going to med school and what not and he actually said that eating before bed time and eating too many carbs (healthy carbs-granted) will not make you gain weight. I've tried to cut them before but I get headaches. I have always been a bread and pasta kinda gal!

    p.s. I juts tried better n pb this week for the first time and I am obsessed
    p.p.s. I also share your avocado obsession!!


  2. Super cute tank, I'm going to check out Old Navy for their stuff. The dance marathon sounds so fun too!

  3. I have yet to try the better than pb! I'm scared! lol. I'll probably use it more as a dessert than a regular item. I just looveee my smuckers natural peanut butter too much.

  4. The tank is so cute! I love pilates, they really make my abs sore!

  5. I'm still so excited you're going to try veganism for a week with me! Veganomicon is GREAT. Becoming a Vegan sounds good too...there are so many books I want to read on all of this! Is your vegan week going to be next week? If so, we should hit up Book Lover's Cafe for an awesome vegan lunch! I'll invite Courtney from The Hungry Yogini too and it can be a lovely foodie time! Let me know!!!

  6. YES! I might be going to srq for a bit since I have spring break next week from work but I should be back Thurs if I do go! I am sooo excited for vegan week! can totally borrow becoming a vegan...let me know if you want it :)