Thursday, August 6, 2009

Food Blues

Hi friends! Lately, I have been so uninspired about food! I absolutely love food and everything lately hasn't really satisfied me. As a result, I have been eating granola cereal, cookies and chocolate ALL WEEK! I'm so sick of being uninspired. I am going home this weekend so hopefully I'll get re-inspired there!

Here are some great food highlights:

I made a feta chicken and shrimp over couscous in the slow cooker. This was extremely easy, you set it and go. The main ingredients were tomatoes, broth, chicken, garlic, onions, shrimp, feta and couscous. Slow cookers are great for people with little time. You can make dessert, dinner, breakfast, appetizers...

Next, I made peanut chicken soba noodles. The sauce was so-so. Basically, it was peanut butter, skim milk, garlic, ginger and red pepper flakes.

Bison Bugers! These were the best things I made all week. Delicious bison burger with cheese, onion, pickles, spinach and a sweet potato. YUMM

Banana Fro-yo. Saw this in the blog world, had to try it!! Very good. I love ice cream so it isn't quite the same, but a nice alternative. I threw some chocolate chips on it. YUMMM.

I've been OBSESSED with Cascadian Farms Chocolate Almond Granola. I had one serving with bfast, and TWO for a snack after dinner (oopssss). I absolutely love it. Pretty good stats as well. For 3/4c it is 200 cals, which is great for granola. And I have been LOVING Stonyfield Organic Skim Milk. I think organic milk can have a strange taste but Stonyfield (I also love their Oikos yogurt in vanilla) is superb!

I've also noticed that I have been eating a ridiculous amount of meat products. What's up with that?!? Need to focus this up coming week!!

Hopefully I'll get out of this eating funk. I am soo sick of not being satisfied!! I have eaten so much more than normal lately due to this! Madness!

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