Thursday, July 23, 2009


So, I have been doing a ton of yoga lately. I think it is helping me stay strong because I finally feel like I'm not struggling to run everytime I head out the door. I LOVE Polly's online videos. Especially: Yoga for runners, Hip Opener 1, Yoga for Arms and Yoga for Abs. YUM. They are more like streatches then yoga flow but I still love them.

Speaking of running, I fell yesterday. Like fell down. On the ground. Scrapped knee and all. But I was only 1.15 miles into my 4 mile run SOOO I washed off my knee with my water bottle and kept running. I'm so hardcore.

I did spinning today. Pretty good. Nice and sweaty. I wish my instructor would play better music though..Uptown Girls just wasn't cutting it today. But I was a sweaty monster so I guess it was ALL GOOD.

  • Juice (carrots, apple, romaine, lemon)
  • egg whites (3)
  • turkey sand on ezekial with spinach, avocado, tomato, with watermelon
  • 1/2 Gogi Bar...SOOOOO GOOODDD!!! Loved this bar by Dr. Weil
  • 8 oz G2 during spin (not good. reg gatorade is much better, or coco water passion fruit or mango)
  • homemade roasted veggie lasagna with fresh multigrain bread
  • Stoneyfield After Dark ice cream
See, these are the days I love. When I'm totally satisfied with every single thing I eat.

Here are some delicious pics:

Kitty loves yoga. Modified cobra pose heheh

Whole wheat lasagna noodles, cheese, sauce, roasted veggies, seasoning ( you could add ricotta and ground turkey too or a cream sauce..whateves you like so easy)

What is this?! Dinner from last night. I saw it in Runner's World. Basically it's dijonnaise, lump crab, avocado, apple, tomato and green beans. Over spinach. Hello deliciousness. I have done it with both canned crab (not bumbleebee but any other brand) and with crab from the seafood section of the grocery store. Either work well.

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