Sunday, July 5, 2009

MIA No Longer

Hi Friends, so I have been slightly mia but I'm back :)

My healthy eating is back too, which is quite exciting if you ask me.  Right now, my sister is living with me (or shall I say I am living with her  lol).  She is taking over the lease to my apartment and I am here off and on until I leave for France in September.  She's going into her sophomore year at UF so this is her apartment...awwww.  Needless to say, we eat the same things. lol. AKA we both want to be healthy..soo cooking has been double the fun since my last roomie and I ate very differently (hi myrtle lol).

We started planning our meals every sunday night for the entire week..this includes nights we will go out, nights I will go out and have drinks and so forth.  It has made meal planning and staying on a healthy eating track so. easy.

Here's a link to a blank template.

In an effort to increase my "greenosity" I just bought

The Gorgeously Green Diet by Sophie Uliano.  So far I love it.  It give not only tips on how to eat more green (ie. reducing your waste such as plastic containers ect) but also the low down on organic and such.  It also has meal plans depending on your "shade" (intensity) of greeness.  I am a bright to light green.  

Things I like about the book:
1. She incorporates information regarding vegan and vegetarian eating AS WELL AS MEAT!  I am a flexitarian (although I do eat a large amount of fish) so I like this aspect.  
2.  She doesn't preach.  
3. Easy to follow meal plan that appears to have the proper amount of food to keep you fueled (not so sure about weight loss (might be a little too many cals) unless you eat a poor diet but most defiantly weight maintenance and overall increase in energy and appearance)
4. Whole natural fake scary imitation/fat free/sugar free products.

I plan on making these meals from the book this week:
1. Asian Chicken Salad with Sobo Noodles
2. Black Bean Soup

Off to read Harry Potter #5!!!

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