Saturday, March 14, 2009


Ok, so I have this "friend", we shall call her SBS.

SBS is crazy. Like crazy. She is a little bit bipolar (not legit but almost). But so funny. LIKE HONESTLY, so funny.

Let me just recap our recent conversation:
SBS: Um, I am calling to ask you what you are wearing for your triathalon. Are you wearing a wet suit?
Me: No.
SBS: WHY NOT?!?!?!? Omg, like, you have to bc your boobs will..
Me: I don't have boobs and mines in a pool so no. i don't need to.
SBS: I could never just wear a bathing suit, I mean how can you run in a bathing suit? I never could..
Me: Ok, well how about you just stop worrying about my race...

The girl is crazy. She is so concerned about my triathalon, its kinda cute slash creepy. Good thing she is like my best friend or else i'd be scared...

I just feel bad though for people who don't have a crazy friend. Crazy friends make it ok to be crazy, bc then you don't feel so alone. Crazy friends are the best friends bc they make you laugh, take a keen (somnetimes creepy) interest in your life and they are just always so fun. Talking to them on the phone is fun bc they say outlandish things/make you laugh/are irrational. I love my friends. especially SBS. I think we are such good friends because we both love food a little too much...:)


  1. Who is this SBS? She sounds like a whack job...maybe you should refer her for some professional help, or you could probably just send her some delicious blondies, I'm sure those will help her too or some girlscout cookies...

  2. Yeah, I heard she likes blondies. Actually, I heard she likes to lurk around people's blogs and look at their food pictures.

  3. I think she might do well on some heavy dutie medication.