Friday, March 13, 2009

I love technology..

So, I think I just broke our TV. I was trying to play Jillian post run and my parents have this complicated TV..and now it isn't working!!! I seriously have the worst luck with technology. I feel like tvs in particular hate me! They never work. And I couldn't get Jillian to play so now I am waiting for my parents to return from a 90 year old woman's birthday party so they can fix it for me. great.

On a good note, had a nice (hot) run, 4.25miles in 41:45, not too shabby. Ever since my half marathon a few weeks ago, I just can't get in the groove of running. I just can't break the 4.25 marker! I used to run about 3-5.5 a couple times a week and a long run on sundays. I just need to break that mental hump.

Went to Whole Food for lunch and pretty much tried a little bit of everything on the hot why have I never done that before?!? SO GOOD.

But then I ate about eight (8) girl scout cookies. Bad move. Normally, I would have gone on a crazy binge and said oh well, might as well eat everything in sight. I haven't done that in a long time. So instead, I carefully stopped myself and walked away. I was pretty pleased with my performance. I was able to bring myself out of binge mode and walk away. Plus, I went running after which gave me a terrible stomach cramp and I really remembered why I don't like stuffing my face with cookies.

So yes, as previously stated, I am home for the weekend and my parents are at a 90yr olds birthday party. You know what I have to say about that? You go girl. You are 90, you still drive, have your own home, WORK, socialize....way to go. When I am 90..I just hope i'll be able to remember my name. and that I am 90.

It is so funny because my parents are always going to things at retirement homes and care centres. They have honestly eaten dinner at every retirement facility in our town. Plastic trays and all. People love my parents, so they always invite them places, including their assisted living facilities for mac and cheese at 4:30pm. It is so cute. These people are some of the most spunky I have met! They all travel, have companions, work, drive, exercise...honestly, inspirational! Makes you think twice before complaining about anything :) or making excuses as to why you can't do certain things!

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