Monday, March 23, 2009

Manic Mondayte

HI friends!

Happy Monday.  It was so nasty outside..that I did nothing.  except for facebook all day and go to the mall and boarders.  I got the new Jodi Picoult book.  She always cooks up a good novel...I somehow always end up crying and become more knowledgable on topics such as:
  • teen suicide
  • heart disease in children
  • Eskimos
  • leukemia
  • school shooting
wow. thats so depressing.

We tried to take our Kitty to the mall today..but she really wasn't having it.

my roomie and kitty

Breakfast was PB and J Oats!
  • 1/2c oatmeal dry
  • 1 scoop almond butter
  • 1 scoop all natural  jelly
  • sprinkle of trail  mix
  • banana
  • to.die.for.
Jelly made it sweet and delicious. (the pic won't load..argggg)

Grabbed Subway at the mall..had a turkey on honey oat w/all veggies and some oil and vin. Plus a water :)

Snacked on Mary's Crackers, Figs and a Peach Chobani.

So, while at boarders, my roomates and I stumbled across this little proclamation:

"How Jessica Simpson Lost 10lbs in 5 days" plastered all over a mag cover

Then these two pics were side by side:

Two things to be learned from the mag cover:

1. Lay off J-Simp.  Nick Lachey has been happily ever after post-divorce...she on the other hand as run around with the Jackass guy, John Mayer, Tony Romo..leave.her.alone.  Also, sorry she isn't anorexic anymore.   SORRY SHE DECIDED TO START EATING AGAIN.

2.  However...
Try this little trick.  Wear your most unflattering, heinous, awkward outfit in your closet (should resemble this high waisted jean mess).

Then...a few days later (like  make it somewhat realistic)...wear something that is slighty less heinous and unflattering (perhaps a corset like top).  I bet people'll be sayin you lost 10lbs too.  

Or just don't wear things that make you look fat...when you're not...



  1. I saw that article with J Simpson too...kinda ridiculous, she looks fine either way! It's so gross out here today too I am hiding inside/not going for a run.

  2. I wasted so much time today on FB too, soo bad for my academic career!