Monday, March 2, 2009

Fun Finds!

After work, I made a quick run to Old Navy to get a new water bottle.  I think I forgot my pink one at the pool on sunday :( and a girl needs her water!  GREATTTTT FINDSSSS!!  What a great selection of aluminum water bottles in two sizes.  I love these water bottles because:
  1. They are aluminum!  No icky plastic leaking into my water.
  2. They are good for the environment.  Less plastic = Less pollution.
  3. They are cute.  Different styles for different personalities.  
  4. They come in two sizes.  The little one is perfect for spinning/riding your bike, since it has a pop up top.  The bigger one is great for everyday use, since it holds quite a bit of water and you can tie it to your bag!
  5. It's secure!  My temporary water bottle was leaking from the bottom today at yoga due to a crack in the plastic. NOT COOL.
  6. It's a conversation starter.  "Where did you get that cool bottle???"
  7. CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP.  The most expensive bottle was $7.50!!! A case of water alone is about $5.00 these days.

Snack: Left over quinoa salad (even better cold!) with a salmon "cake" mixed in.

Dinner Mate!

Went to Outback for dinner. Haven't been there in sooo long.  I got the Chicken and Shrimp Griller with grilled veggies and grilled pinneapple.  I substituted the rice for a sweet potato.  Here I am getting ready to dig in :)  No dessert for me tonight, already had my sweet treats earlier. 

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