Monday, March 30, 2009

Hi Friends!

Hi everyone!  I am soo happy to be back!

So here's the deal...we have a wireless router that isn't secured (oops!) and someone had downloaded "Flight of the Concord"..illegally.  So they shut us down! They are hardcore..they went as far as to reprimand me...I didn't even do it!!  

Needless to say....I'm Back..and ready to RUMBLEEEEE...

Here's a quick update on my food life the past few days:

1. I tried the Soy Jerkey Primal Strip...YUM?!?!!?  It was like the filet mignon of beef jerkey. I got mine at Mother Earth.

2. I tried Oikos Vanilla Yogurt...I like it better than Vanilla Chobs.  I have been mixing it with strawberries and granola as either dessert or a nice snack.  

3. I need to run clothes are feeling tight :(

4. Choppini is my new fave thing (fisherman's soup)

5. Tried the Kashi Meals for the first time... VERY IMPRESSED.  The veggies were crisp and nothing tasted most frozen meals do. I tried the Lemongrass coconut chicken.

6. Made an amazing homemade pizza with mozz cheese, spinach, mushrooms, basil, organic sauce

Sunday Run
Distance: 7.00 miles
Time: 1hour 10min 53sec

**RACE ALERT!!!!  If you live near Gainesville, is a great race!**
It's called Climbing for Cancer.  It supports cancer research as well as the families of those with cancer.

My dear friend, Rosalynn Rose Rivas, fought a courageous battle with brain cancer.  She passed away at the mere age of 22.  This is near and dear to my heart and I will forever support cancer research.

There are 4 races to choose from:
5k walk
5k run
10k run
15k run...I am doing this one :)!!

Hopefully I will see some of you at the race, April 25th.  Go to for more info


I have been great today...trying to watch what I eat a bit since things feel snug.

Here's a pic of din:

Tilapia sauteed in EVOO with some Sweet Chili Thai Sauce (SPICY!) with a sweet potato, broccoli and a cucumber, tomato, basil, onion and organic dressing salad.  YUM!

I love sweet potatoes because you can microwave them in about 5min!  They are so nutritious and provide a nice carb to the dinner.

Oh and PS, ANOTHER friend got engaged! YAY!! When her now fiance asked her out on a date for the first time..she laughed and thought her brother-in-law was playing a joke on her. now they are engaged.
*Moral of the Story*- laugh in boy's faces when they like you and you will get married.

So..sorry this is so long, I'm just excited to be back.  Does anyone watch the show DEA on Spike?  Because I'm obsessed.  It's about the Drug Enforcement Agency (duh)...omg it's honestly the best show.  I've decided I need a manly man like those on the show.  My current crushes are "Sammy", "Kevin", "Chris".  Hope their wives aren't reading this blog....

ALSO, Has anyone hear Jon and Kate Plus 8 are getting divorced?!  Poor Babies if true..I LOVE Colin.  


  1. I love microwaved sweet potatoes too, so easy and yummy! I love to look out for those primal strips, they sound great!

  2. That pizza looks delicious! Did you make or buy the crust? Also...have you tried Potato OH's? You can get them at Stop and Shop (idk if you have one near where you live) but they make cooking potatoes so incredibly easy!

  3. We bought the dough from publix and then made it from that..although...we could have just made our own! Next time for sure.
    We don't have stop and shops in FL (or atleast my part)...what is a potato oh??

  4. Pizza looks amazing!!! Veggies look so fresh i want to try some. did you cook/saute the mushrooms prior to putting them on the pizza first?? Was the mozzarella reduced fat??

  5. Ooo, thanks for the race info! I will definitely check it out. I don't know if my wallet can afford another race right now, which sucks because I paid $30 to run in the one this past weekend and didn't get to run. Ah, well...I'll look into it and let you know! I'm excited that you're thinking about the Vegan Challenge! We should meet up sometime while I'm still in Gainesville and you're still in Florida!

  6. Hey thanks for signing up to follow my blog! =) Also...potato ohs are individually wrapped sweet or reg. potatoes that are prewashed and prepared for the microwave. they take about 4-5 minutes to cook. I usually buy 1 or 2 for the week and make fries out of them or just eat them plain. So easy! They have them at pathmark too. What food stores do you have in FL?

  7. We have Publix, Sweetbay, Albertsons (in some locations), Fresh Market, Whole grandma in NJ has stop n shop i'll have to get some when I go up there lol