Sunday, March 8, 2009


Hello Again!

Ok Ladies.. Pearl Harbour was on today.  I tivo-ed it, of course.  I love that movie. I swear every time I watch it I laugh, cry, it!
I had a pretty uneventful afternoon.  I did some hatha yoga just to relax and stretch a bit.  It was actually really relaxing...except my cat, Kitty, was very interested in what I was doing and kept getting in my way!

Post Yoga, I had an delicious snack!  One of my fave my far:
  • Hertiage Path Multibran Flax cereal (1/2c)
  • All natural banana granola (1/4c)
  • Skim  Milk (1/2c)
I just love the flax cereal.  It is crunchy and has such a wholesome yet appropriately sweet taste.

Then I made the donuts-- (of course I HAD to try one..with  a little honey!)  Very good, more like a cookie though than donut.  I can see how good they will be dipped in chocolate :)

I feel like my apartment does not stay clean.  I don't get it.  I clean it and then a day later it looks like world war three...war of the foods.  I swear food is always everywhere.  WHY?!?!

I bought fresh veggie burgers today at Publix...and I wanted to use them so I made a scramble with:
  • 4 egg whites
  • one veggie burger
  • spinach
  • green peppers
  • onions
  • salsa on the side
  • a slice of ezekial toast (with a bite  missing :)
  • mushrooms
  • part skim mozz cheese

It really hit the spot.  Of course... I needed something post dinner.  So I tivo-ed The Amazing Race and ran to Lollicup, which is Gainesville's version of Pink Berry (tart real frozen yogurt).  I used to hate was sour and odd tasting.  Now
, I love it.  It is refreshing and clean tasting.  It's funny how your taste changes

Questions: Has anyone found a food they used to not care for that they now do??


  1. HAHA, your comment on my blog made me giggle! I miss francais....I think eventually Dave and I will live in France so that we get fluent again (he was too, growing up in Canada).

    To answer your question: YES. EVERY DAY. Foods that I originally hated but now love include - avocados, scrambled eggs, pad thai, halibut, soy milk, burritos (yeah, no idea why I didn't like them), lettuce, onions, mustard, grapes...and I STILL won't eat salmon, mushrooms, olives, or eggplant, but I don't think that'll ever change.

  2. I never really cared for Blue Cheese but it kept on showing up in salads and now i actually like it and order it on salads frequently. However i still do not care for it warm.

  3. What is the health info. (fat, calories etc.) of your veggiburger and how does it compare to the other available choices?? Which one do you prefer based on nutritional content and which on taste??