Friday, March 20, 2009

TGIF.  This week was killer.  The kiddos were pretty good today...I played soccer with them, I was team France ( obviously)...I got one goal. ONE.  They are so cute, they kept kicking it to me to score (they honestly kicked it to me about 1000 times) and they would scream Go MS.MEGHAN!!..and I just couldn't.  I felt like a loser.  Haha.  I couldn't tell if they were laughing at me or with me...whateves.  It was fun!

Eating today was fun.  As it is everyday.  Nothing special though. Just a smoothie in the morning, cereal for a mid morning snack but I did use my bean dip on a sandwich with avocado, tomato and chicken.  Sometimes I feel so crafty in the kitchen :)

Din was JAMBALAYA BABY!  I added a Bison Frank to it for kicks.  So good.  These franks are all natural so none of that scary stuff in pork franks...and each link (they were a nice size) was 140cals and 8fat.  Not too shabby.  

Um, then my raging hunger kicked in again. Why am I the most ravenous person on Earth?  So, I had half of a sweet potato.  I am still kind of hungry..but I am going out in a bit and planning on a few drinks sooo I'll have to suck it up.  Not to mention, I am pretty sure I am bored-hungry, although how could I be bored when I am watching...

TAKING THE STAGE!  SO here's a tid bit about me... I LOVE REALITY SHOWS ABOUT PEOPLE MY AGE.  I don't like those Tila Tequila ones or Gs to gents...I like 
  • The Hills
  • Two A Days (old school)
  • The City
  • The Bachelor
I get so into their lives haha.  It's kind of sad actually.  I feel like I know these teenagers.  I really do get so involved with their lives.  WEIRD, I know.  If you are weird too, here is the link to the show.  These kids are SO talented!!

So, I'm lame. Not going to upload pics.  I'll make up for it tomorrow and post TONS!!

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