Monday, March 16, 2009


Ok everyone, sorry I was MIA.

So first off:

1. Great Bday Celebration for my dad's birthday

Picture of my mom and me

My dad and me

Not sure why my eyes look funny, I swear they don't look like that in real life.

Lots of eating this weekend including delicious hamburger, swordfish, cherry crumble, guac...

Back to food blogging tomorrow :)

The celebrate tonight, my roomie and I ordered sushi!!  I was soo hungry after doing shred and riding my bike, so I ate two whole rolls and trail mix!  Bike riding was great today, I got a helmet and rode 4.5miles and then did shred.  

Plus I HAD to have some celebration cookie and cookie cake!

Tomorrow I am going to celebrate getting into grad school and St. Patty's day...get excited for lots of pics!


  1. You look so pretty - I LOVE your dress! And congrats on grad school, that is so exciting!

  2. Where do you ride in Gville/// On the street?? are there any bike lanes/paths??
    Spinning classes at your gym might also be a good way to prepare for the triathilon.

  3. I rode in the bike lanes and on the side walk. I went around 6:30 so not too many people were on the road or riding their bikes. it was actually quite nice.

    I do like spinning a lot but the times all conflict with my work schedule!