Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patty's Recap

So last night's festivities were FANTASTIC.  We had some delicious green cupcakes (so cute) and just a lot of fun in general.  Here are some pics:

Yesterday's eating was SO WEIRD.  I don't know what my problem is but I just didn't want anything to eat...but wanted to eat. Weird? Yes.

I ending up eating cereal, some toast with peanut butter and jelly, some TCBY, a cookie, some crackers and hummus, some green cupcakes...all SO random.  Luckily, I swam and ran last night, 2.38miles in hopefully that did something haha

Does anyone else feel like they are STARVING all of a sudden?  Is it spring...there must be a reason other than the fact that I love food and to eat.

This morning I made my normal bowl of oats:

and then honestly, an hour and a half later I was hungry!  WHY?!?!

So, I ate the rest of my delicious Quinoa Salad with some canned salmon on top and a handful of Mary's crackers.

I bought Chipotle Black Bean veggie burgers...YUM!  Pretty good stats and GREAT TASTE.  They are frozen so you don't have to gobble them up as quickly as the nonfrozen brands (Garden of Eating makes them).  I paired them with my Jalapeno Cheese and it had a really nice flavor.  Plus some tasty Pacific organic Roasted red pepper and tomato soup.

I was hungry again!  Out of control appetite.  I am like a sumo wrestler.  So, I had an apple...then a yogurt for my afternoon snack..then a bowl of flax cereal and granola after that!!!  
I was going to ride my bike, but it is looking like it's going to rain cats and I think i'll just Shred instead :)  I think I can see some shredded muscles in my arms, like Sarah Jessica, so I am pretty pumped! Ok actually, I take that back.  Those are bazookas..I just want water guns.

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  1. Wow, her arms look crazy there! I've always admired SJP's fit looking figure though.