Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Noodle Month!

I am sure you are all as excited as I am about this announcement:
HAPPY NOODLE MONTH! I love noodles soo much that my parents actually call me noodles (one of my many nicknames).  

Noodles are my favorite.  All kinds and shapes and flavors.  I even like tofu noodles because they are called, "noodles".

I can thank Hungry Girl for letting me know about noodle month!

In honor of noodle month, I had some delicious Spinach Noodles.  These babies were Macro and Vegan and out-of-this-world good. You can serve them warm or cold.  I like them better warm.  I found that at my friendly Whole Foods (located on 13th and 7th for those in Gville).

I had my NOODLES with plain/ff yogurt with strawberries mixed in and a spinach salad with
  • dried cherries
  • goat's milk feta
  • cucumbers
  • tomatos
  • pistachios 
  • drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper

I like the cherries and goat cheese because the sweet and tart really balance well together.  Plus a few cherries go a long way as does the goat feta (low in fat too :) ) I had another handful of pistachios too :)

While I was swimming, I saw my trainer friend Karlton.  Somehow he talked me into doing a super sprint triathalon March 29th.  Can't wait! 

QUESTION:  Has anyone done a super sprint (250 swim, 4m bike, 2m run)?  If so, do you have any tips?
Pre-Swim: Lemon Larabar
Review: Lived up to its name of lemon.  VERY LEMON-Y.  Refreshing. Clean tasting.

Swim Workout (in yards today, the numbers in quotes are the number of times you do it, so (4) 100 means 4 100s):

Warm up: 300 free
    100 back
    100 breast
    (4) 75 alternating between kicking and pulling
     (2) 100  drill (I did back and fly drills)

"Main set": This is called a descending ladder.  I didn't really do it to its full extent because I had already run this morning and didn't want to over use my ankle.
(4) 100s, alternating between back and free.  10-15 seconds rest 
(8) 50s, alternating free/back    5-10 seconds rest
(3) 100s, free/back/im  10-15sec rest
(6) 50s, free/back/im    5-10sec rest
I stopped here, but you would continue with 2 100s, 4 50s, then 1 100 and 2 50s

Warm Down: 100

2, 500 yards.

And here is a picture of my adorable cat, Kitty.  She is very eco-friendly, hence her choice of grocery bag.


  1. That is one hardcore set! 2500yards = awesome!! I haven't been able to work my way past 1500m yet...I get SO bored. Doing sets helps fix the monotony though. I'm going to have to check if Capers (our version of WF) has those noodles, they look awesome. I may have to try those Vitatops too! I'm not completely vegan so I still have dairy products on occasion.

  2. Def try the vitatops! I really only suggest the fudgy peanut butter and the double chocolate dream (my favorite!!) and the banana bread one is pretty tasty too. I looked at your swim workout..great job! I know how boring it can be...I want to get those underwater headphones so you can listen to music and swim. meters are SOOO much harder haha. One of the pools I swim in is meters, the other is yards. It's nice to alternate between the two.