Saturday, March 21, 2009

Go Gators!


I finished the chocolate covered pretzels.  They were divine.  I loved them.  The Lindt truffles are also amazing.  I act like I have never had them before haha.

Oy. The weather was I layed out at the pool and got Pita Pit.  I had:
  • hummus
  • tiziki 
  • cucumbers
  • spinach
  • tomato
  • pickles
  • green peppers

Then I went to the University of Florida baseball game. SO FUN.  UF's my alma mater (I sound soo mature and old), I still live in Gainesville and I have never been to a game.  Sad I know.  Today was my first and it was really fun.  We beat Tennessee 10 to 0 (when I left).

Check out these pho-tos:

Albert and me...what what

I moonlight at a baseball player...with out a neck...

Had a Kashi Bar and a bite of a fried oreo (eh...not that great...to0 fried tasting for me...I like me some regular or-e-os)

Dinner was a delicious chicken parm and some full off all the sweets...

Tomorrow!  I am going to do a super sprint triathlon for fun so:
  • 250m swim
  • 4mile bike
  • 1.5 mile run
I am pretty excited about this because it will be a nice change up of my normal workouts.  Should make the time go quickly!  Plus I need to "work off" the basket I just consumed so I 

look more like this:

and not this:


  1. Love the peach summer dress - super cute!

  2. is that you in the very bottom picture??

    What position do you play for UF??

    Please post the details( times etc.) for your mini on Sun.

  3. sounds like a very fun day!!
    love your dress - too cute

  4. i think that bottom photo is you after the basket!!! OMG, no more chocolate pretzels!!

  5. so jealous of your warm sit by the pool weather!

  6. i love me some marissa miller. she is gorg. about your question about shot bloks or gu's.... as far as energy wise, i can't really tell a difference between the two. i prefer gu bc they're just easier and quicker to get down. i feel like when i chew the shot bloks i need water and sometimes i don't have any, etc. but i guess it's all preference. i've read that some people just eat candy like sour patch kids for energy.
    i also like that the gu's have caffeine bc im a caffeine fiend and i do believe that that helps with a workout!

  7. HAHA. Meghan you are hysterical. I love the sumo pic. In real life, you look much more like a VS model...but if you looked like a sumo, I'd still be your friend :)