Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cha Cha real smooth

Good evening all :)

This was me today, read further to see why!

I can see your comments...but still can't comment back!  I can't see the special code :(  Anyone know how to help?

I got up this morning at 8am and was running by 8:30.  It was so nice out, not too hot but still nice and sunny (at 8:30 am, 3pm, different story).

Pre- Run:
Slice of ezekial toast

 3.00 miles
 30m 10sec

Post- Run Breakfast:
I have just been loving cereal lately!  I thought about making oats, but I was hot and sweaty and cold cereal was so appealing.  So, I had a bowl with (my favorites of course)
  • Flax multibran (I am seriously obsessed with this stuff)
  • banana granola
  • organic skim milk
I don't know why, but I felt super motivated and honestly I was channeling Michael Phelps.  I was flying through the water like a mad woman

Swim (in meters)

600 m warm up free
100 m warm up back
100 m warm up breast stroke

100 kick breast
100 kick back

100 free
(4) 50 Free
100 free
(4) 50 back
100 free
(4) 50 IM

100 free warm down!

Post Swim snack:
  • 1% cottage cheese
  • fresh good after the swim!

Pool Time..AGAIN!  The doggie was there chasing his ball.  Isn't it funny how something as simple as a dog chasing a ball can brighten someone's day?

  • Tuna (I accidentally got chunk lite..yuck)
  • edamame
  • corn
  • avocado
  • tomato
  • cucumber
  • ezekial toast

With a beautiful banana with 1tbsp almond butter (on my beautiful new target plate)

WORK WORK WORK!! WHYY!!  The kiddos had FCAT today and they were WILD!  Draining.  I was then out in the sun playing basketball with them. Oh kids.


So, I went to the Singaporean place for dinner with my friend Chad.  We are both really adventurous eaters and wanted to try it!  First off, our server was so cute.  She was this little woman, so dainty and cute.  

I got the vegetable coconut soup.  It was a coconut broth so it didn't much coconut milk flavor, because it wasn't...but it was nice.  A nice starter.

Chad got a lemon grass type dish with chicken.  It was nice and spicy.  Not too spicy just right.

I got the CHA CHA sauce..with tofu, green peppers, red peppers, onions, bamboo shoots and brown rice.  I ate about half the tofu dish and 1/3 of the brown rice.

Now I am watching Lie to Me.  If you don't watch it, start.  It is fascinating!  

I bought Naturally Thin by Bethenny Frankel.  Pretty interesting if I do say so.  I'm not sure how practical it is for someone as active as myself, but some of the concepts are very interesting.  Like thinking of food as a bank account- invest in quality.  Taste lots of food. ect.  Pretty interesting.

I think I might be needing some Breyer's Chocolate Chip Ice Cream!!!!!  Just a little scoop :)


  1. Good for you for getting a swim in! If you're ever looking to challenge yourself in the pool here's a great (and hard!) set:

    -500 free (minute rest)
    -400 free (minute rest)
    -300 free (minute rest)
    -200 free (minute rest)
    -100 free sprint!!

    The trick is that for each leg of the set, you poke your head up and get your time 100 yards before you're done - so on the 500, poke your head up and check your time at the 400 yard mark (but don't stop swimming!). Then, your 400 must be faster than that time! Same with the next set: during the 400, poke your head up and get your 300 time, then make sure that the 300 is faster than the first 300 of the 400. It's really confusing to write out, but such a fun, hard set because it keeps your brain in gear the whole time! By the end, you'll be going pretty fast.

  2. where do you buy the edamame?? I have only seen them in the pods. Did you remove the beans from the pods or did you buy it that way??

  3. try turning off your pop-up blocker. I wonder if that will help you with your posts??? If not call the computer help area at UF.

  4. This thing is soo fickle!! Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I found edamame in the frozen section, already shelled but I saw them by the fresh veggies at Publix yesterday...shelled!