Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fun Finds!

Who doesn't love a good pair of yoga pants?  Yoga has many health/mind/spiritual benefits and cute clothes. I love yoga clothes because
  1. They can transition into cute daytime wear.  Who doesn't envy that girl looking casually chic in her yoga pants and jacket, with glowing skin and a cute racer back top with her water bottle in tow?
  2. They are comfy.  A good pair of pants is key to good yoga practice.  I like a pair that move with your body and stay put!
  3. They are fun!  Cool styles and fun colors make yoga practice, well, FUN!
  4. They are practical!  Many styles have built in pockets so you can store a house key ect.
My friend Moira always looks cute and chic in her yoga pants.  Here is a great website she told me about where they have tons of fun styles-LuLu. Thanks Moira!

  I have not bought from this website...but I am planning my first purchase, the Empower Crop Style in a fun color like Krinkle Green.  I am loving that there is an inside pocket. I personally don't like to run in pants (unless they are Nike Running tights/pants) so I am going to buy a pair for yoga practice and a pair for running errands/bumming around :)  Product review to come so stay tuned.  

Question: Has anyone else bought from this company?  Comment?

Post lunch snack was a few almonds, a bowl of flax plus and skim milk AND a banana bread homemade larabar...I was hungry!

I made a summer quinoa salad for dinner.  I really like this grain, it almost pops in your mouth and has a nice flavor.  I got the recipe for the salad from the Eat Clean Diet Cookbook, it consisted of

  • cucumber
  • quinoa
  • tomato
  • edamame
  • thyme
  • lemon juice
  • soy sauce
It was a bit on the salty side, next time I would not salt the actual grain before cooking it.  There was enough with the soy sauce. This is going to be great cold, which is perfect for a quick snack tomorrow :)

I paired it with a delicious bison fillet mignon and steamed broccoli.

For dessert, I warmed up the other half of my pecan bar, eh not that great warm.  It was too buttery and when I warmed it, it just didn't have that great of a taste.  So...I had 2 little squares of chocolate too.  They hit the spot.  I LOVE choxie bars- I got these at Target.  One was milk chocolate creme brulee truffle and the other was dark chocolate coconut truffle bar.  The dark chocolate was a good balance of sweetness, the milk was a little too sweet.  I highly recommend them because they really satisfy a sweet tooth with a small amount. They are so cute, they are begging to be eaten!



  1. Oh my gosh Lululemon is my all time FAVOURITE store!!!

    I have a serious addiction and have been building a collection for a while now. :) I have the empower crops...they are nice! My fav. things to do yoga in are the groove pants and shape jackets. I want to get a pair of their running shorts and running skirt for truns...but have been restraining myself. Their prices are high but the stuff last years and years. The shape jackets I bought about 3 years ago are still in pristine condition AND their stuff is pre shrunk! :)

  2. ps- adding you to my blogroll!