Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Engagements Galore

Seriously...every person I know is getting engaged.  It's like flu season...only people are happy.  It all started in November when one of my best friend's from high school got engaged..and then another on Jan 1st, and then 2 girls in my former sorority, and then a girl from high school....

First, I need to find a man to be engaged too...then I can get in on the action.

But on a serious note, Congrats to all!!  Very exciting!

Today was supposed to start my 24hours facebook free since I am always lurking on facebook.. but I OBVIOUSLY had to ring stalk the two girls that just got engaged so...those 24hours will just have to wait.

For din last night, I made a really good chicken quesidilla
  • whole wheat wrap
  • chicken breast
  • mushrooms
  • fresh sauteed spinach
  • skim mozz cheese
  • red peppers
with a side of Pacific tomato soup and some Veggie Fat Free Refried beans (sooo gooddddd).

and half a cup of Stonyfield AfterDark Fro-Yo.  YUM.

Breakfast this morning was completely pathetic.  It was so sad and I am embarrased to even post it (just because it was lacking..no offense to Cream of Wheat)

I had pre-packaged Maple Brown Sugar Cream of Wheat...it really lived up to it's name of Maple and Sugar.  I reallyyyy need to hit up the grocery store.  Plus a few mission figgys.

I might go for a run in a bit...we shall seee...but I am def running today..probably around 5m...nice and slow.

I leave you with pictures of my boyfriends...

My true love is Chuck Bass...aka Ed Westwick.  Can you tell I have a type?

QUESTION????: Do you have a certain look you always go for?


  1. Hmmm, nah I don't think I have a "type.

  2. I love Ed Westwick too...and his character on GG!

  3. Did you accidently forget my picture up there???

  4. HAHA. Meg you crack me up! So does your dad's comment lolz. Who are these girls from PV that are engaged (besides Lauren obvi) Am I out of the loop or do I know and I forgot??