Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sunday Funday

Just had to share this little video for all you runners out there...thanks Moira for sending it to me, you are the queen of cute xoxo
Running Video

I was in a real dilemma for breakfast this morning.  Everything sounded so delicious (oatmeal?smoothie?breakfast cookie?) but I decided on oatmeal pancakes to gear up for my run (or swim) later.  I got the idea to make my own fruit compote thanks to Tosca Reno- the Clean Eating Queen.  Google her asap.

The pancakes are quick, easy and filling.  Plus you can jazz them up with whatever you want..perhaps some banana, almonds, walnuts, dried fruit, chocolate chips, coconut..

I went for 3 pancakes, one with bananas (this one was the best!) and PB, one with raisins and one plain with blueberry syrup.  Next time, I would add raspberries or another fruit to the syrup and maybe some all natural honey.  

As you saw above, Tosca Reno's Eat Clean Diet cookbook is one of my favorites, as is Clean Eating Magazine.  They have great recipes using real ingredients, plus a food plan if you need more structure.  I heart these and every recipe has been delicious.

On the run tip:
Don't have time for breakfast? Follow these simple tips-
  1. Grab a packet of instant plain oatmeal.  Throw it in the microwave, add some cinnamon and pb and you have breakfast in under two minutes.
  2. Make a breakfast cookie! This is a great idea from Gina's Recipes and Fitnessista.  Make it the night before and  you have an on the go meal.
  3. Shake it baby!  Throw a few ingredients in the blender- such as fruit, milk, protein powder, peanut butter, sweet potato ect.  Whip it and you got breakfast on the go
  4. Eggcellent.  Hardboil eggs to last you through the week.  Pair the egg whites with a slice of toast and some fruit and you have a balanced breakfast in minutes.
  5. Want savory and not sweet? Dinner for breakfast!  Heat leftovers, throw them in a wrap or over rice and eat on the go.

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