Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pecan Pie Goodness

After fighting with my card reader to eject my card...I actually had to bust out tweezers to pry my memory card from the card reader...I cooked up a little dinner.  Nothing too exciting, just some brown rice, the other half of my bison sausage and a bowl of homemade split pea soup.  I love this soup because it is all  natural- just split peas, chicken broth, celery, carrots and onions.  I feel healthy just looking at it!  The color says it all!

Earlier, I had gone to a cute bakery downtown and purchased 1 (one.singular.more than one is dangerous) pecan chocolate bar.  I managed to not bust into it before dinner.  I cut it in half and that was my dessert. Decadent and delicious.  I find that when I do not let myself have a small treat, I end up eating everything in sight after dinner.  Moderation is key.

Check out this delicious bar...

This bar was gooey and the crust was very flaky, the perfect "mini" pecan pie.

I was still hungry- I just can't skip snacks or i'll munch later- so I opted for a bowl of flax plus and skim milk.  Now I am perfectly satisfied.  

I just completed my first half marathon last weekend and I have been having trouble with my knee all week.  Tomorrow, however, I am going to attempt a slow, strong run- about 8miles.  If not, I might go swim.

See you tomorrow 


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